A humble dorm becomes an incredible modern home

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A humble dorm becomes an incredible modern home

April Kennedy April Kennedy
Soggiorno in stile scandinavo di 築築空間 Scandinavo
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Today we will go back to school to explore an old teacher's dormitory in a Taiwanese university. Sound intriguing? You bet! This little 1950s dwelling was abandoned for many years and in dire need of renovation when architects BXB Studio got to work.

The architects sought to retain as many of the lovely old features as possible while infusing the home with a fresh modern feel. They kept the old doors and windows, re-laid the floor and managed to create a home with a mix of tradition and classic elegance. Let's go on a tour to see the results…

Traditional exterior

The basic structure of the home was left in its original state. The small, L-shaped building had a no-nonsense, modest air. But it also had a rather lovely tiled roof. A small wooden deck was added, but most of the interesting changes have occurred inside the home. Let's take a look…

Concrete terrace

But first, let's catch a glimpse of the small concrete terrace. It has a new glass roof that makes it feel modern and a little bit sophisticated. In keeping with many typical Taiwanese homes, the terrace has been sparsely furnished.

Exposed wooden ceiling beams

Inside we have a living room with a real wow factor. We love the new wooden parquet floors, the exposed wooden ceiling beams and that great built-in bookcase. The original wooden features add some beautiful contrast to the home. They work well with the bright and open modern decor.

Big social living room

This is a home on a university campus so it's sure to be filled with people who love to talk about ideas. Suitably, the home now has a big sociable living room with lots of space for guests. The huge built-in bookcases also add to the intellectual ambience of the home.

Contemporary kitchen cupboards

The kitchen is almost always the room where people want to conform to a modern style. This is obviously because modern kitchens are built for socialising and an added sense of ease. This one has some white wall cupboards that provide a huge amount of storage space. We love how there is also a scattering of open shelves for more books!

Geometric floor tiles in a scattered design

On the other side of the kitchen, we have a glimpse of the fabulous geometric floor tiles. They meet the wooden floorboards of the living room with a sort of scattered design that feels quite contemporary. This gives the home a slightly eclectic appeal that suits the intellectual atmosphere. Finally, check out those high windows nestled within the high white cupboards.

Beautiful sliding doors

Many homes in the 1950s had windows and doors with this kind of beautiful elegant wooden design. The fine lines create a very elegant look that hasn't really dated at all. Here, they have been used to separate the various living spaces. The advantage of this kind of design is that it allows lots of natural light to flow throughout the home – thus making it feel quite bright and modern.

Tatami room with a built-in bathroom

Here we have a lovely old tatami room that has been given a modern bathroom and tub. This is a place for relaxing, taking a nap or reading a book. It's the perfect little nook in which to hide away and think lofty thoughts!

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