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15 dressing rooms of your dreams

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A walk-in wardrobe is a dream for so many people that we thought it was about time that we showed you some really super designs. We get why they're so popular, as the huge amount of storage space and luxurious feel appeals to the inner fashionista in all of us, and when you see some of the amazing styles that interior designers have created, we think you'll put a walk-in wardrobe right to the top of your home wish-list! If you keep looking at your small bedroom wardrobe and wishing you could have more storage, then let's enjoy these amazing designs and see if you could be tempted to convert a spare room!

1. Everybody gets a rail.

La casa di Massimo homify Spogliatoio moderno

La casa di Massimo


This design is great, as everyone in the house can have their own section and be in charge of keeping it tidy. A central shoe display is a fantastic idea too!

2. Convert the loft.

If you keep thinking about a loft conversion, then we think this will convince you! With some bespoke carpentry, you can make the most of the sloping roof and have plenty of storage for all of your clothes.

3. Simple but effective.

This is a terrific walk-in wardrobe, as it has everything you need, including enough shelf space for bulky bed linen! A spare room could easily become a wardrobe like this, with some Ikea bookshelves!

4. Comfort is key.

As much as we love walk-in wardrobes, they don't always seem super comfortable, but this one changes all of that! A padded seat for putting on shoes is inspired and we love the integrated shoe shelves! It's the extra touches that make a big difference!

5. Gorgeous for a glamour puss.

What a stunning space! This is a girly haven for a true fashionista and you can see that it is connected to the bedroom, for quick and easy access. We love the varying displays and beautiful mirrors!

6. Mirrored perfection.

Naturally, you'll need some mirrors in your walk-in wardrobe and we think this solution is ideal! By adding mirror panels to the sliding doors, you give the illusion of a bigger space, while also being able to check yourself out!

7. Superbly Scandinavian.

This might not be a huge room, but is is functional, stylish and wonderfully light. All the natural wood gives a Scandinavian feel and makes this bang on trend right now!

8. Minimal and clever.

This walk-in wardrobe looks far bigger then it is, thanks to a mirrored rear wall! Simple white storage shelves keep the space fresh and allows the clothes to take centre stage, which is the point!

9. Perfectly designed.

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA Campbell Watson SpogliatoioArmadi & Cassettiere
Campbell Watson

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA

Campbell Watson

We love how inspirational this wardrobe is, in terms of making the space work for the clothing you have to store. A separate trouser rail makes grabbing clothes on the go easy, while extra drawers and shelves are perfect for accessories. 

10. Boutique and beautiful.

WALK IN CLOSET maurococco.it Camera da letto moderna



If we didn't know better, we'd think that this walk-in wardrobe was a boutique clothing store! The suspended rails look wonderful and the lighting is incredible. Hidden drawer storage ups the practicality too.

11. Masculine charm.

If you have a man in the house that wants to use the walk-in wardrobe too, it's never a bad idea to add in some more rugged motifs. A hide rug, leather sofa and the use of dark wood here makes this a glamorous spot for all genders!

12. Eclectic creativity.

There's something about this walk-in wardrobe that makes us think there could be some clothing design going on in here! Handy shelves and a pretty dressing table make this such a charming spot and then add in the comfortable and eye-catching chair and you really have something!

13. Pretty as a picture.

The styling here is amazing and so pretty, but what really staggers us is how well designed the storage is, as the things being stowed away fit almost to the centimetre! Handy case inserts, hat shelves and accessory drawers are things we didn't know we needed, but we do now!

14. Lighting overload!

Why create a walk-in wardrobe if you're just going to leave it as a dull but functional area? We are taking serious inspiration from this space and considering some serious statement lighting to make a room really pop. We also really like how the corners have been put to good use too.

15. Narrow and nice.

This walk-in wardrobe is a sunny delight! Though the space isn't wide, the length works well to create a catwalk area and with a huge window in place, you'll never have to fumble around to find a favourite jumper again!

For more storage tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Bedroom storage.

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