8 small but revolutionary bathrooms

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8 small but revolutionary bathrooms

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We have said it many times here on homify, and we will say it again – the bathroom is one of the most important and undervalued rooms in any home. Of course, we're not speaking only of its inherent functional value, but also of the great aesthetic and design contribution a good bathroom can make to the home. Much too often, however, we tend to neglect these spaces, relegating them to the realm of the purely practical. This is a bad habit we should all change, as we can make a huge impact on the quality of our interiors with the bathroom design, regardless of the room's size. 

Uniting the beautiful bathroom examples we have lined up for you today, is two factors: their small size and unique style, each according to their different and peculiar character. From more streamlined designs to the eclectic and colourful, all 8 of these bathrooms strike us to be beautiful and innovative even in a small space. Seeing is believing!

1. Colour-block




A wall with square vermilion tiles stands out in this small  bathroom with a strong character. The square footage here is the last thing to be noticed, due to the impact that the pop of colour has on the eye of the beholder.

2. Mediterranean

Bagno in stile  di homify

The Mediterranean tradition exerts considerable attraction on contemporary interior design. This bathroom hosts a tile pattern and motifs inspired by land and sea. Undoubtedly an environment that is filled with warmth.

3. Modern classic

IpoHouse-Costruire sotto: Bagno in stile  di SANTACROCEARCHITETTI

IpoHouse-Costruire sotto


In this next image we find a bathroom design that is something between modern and classic. The grey colour of the walls alternates with graphic patterns that pop and make this a unique space.

4. Eclectic

A Nordic touch or retro-inspired look never hurts. The next example welcomes us with pastel colours. This is ideal for small sizes but also very trendy, and again, suspended cabinets and motifs popular from the 60s. 

5. Artistic

THE TOILET: Bagno in stile  di Lineabeta



There is nothing better than an artistic bathroom for a house that's smart, fresh and not afraid to surprise. The green colour used for the main walls instills a sense of vitality, well-stocked with vegetation and art.

6. Bold design

The effects of variations in hue and bold shades characterise the next bathroom, which is small but absolutely revolutionary. 

7. Black & white

Appartamento in Black&White a Lione: Bagno in stile  di Design for Love
Design for Love

Appartamento in Black&White a Lione

Design for Love

Elegance without end is what we see as result in this black and white scheme. The meters available are perfectly outlined by the current combination and impact for a truly flawless and impressive result.

8. Scandinavian

With white tiles everywhere, a double sink and a small cabinet combine gracefully with cascading lamps and little green plants. This is a charming and bright room in Scandinavian style that makes its compactness an undisputed strength!

These small bathrooms sure made us think about changing up our own bathrooms, and for more inspiration, we urge you to take a look at: These tips to create a unique bathroom space. 

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