​An Efficient Family Home with Style

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​An Efficient Family Home with Style

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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homify 360° ensures your daily dose of architectural wonders and beauties. Today we take a trip all the way to South Korea to catch a glimpse of a house that is not only a beauty to behold, but also energy efficient in its construction. 

OUA Architects is located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. This area is an extensive landscape filled with ultra modern skyscrapers, state-of-the-art subways, ancient Buddhist temples, and street markets – a metropolis between the past and future. And today we’ll discover one of their stylish creations, where the interior was fitted with solar heating and cooling systems. In order to effectively minimise heat loss, they also installed double-insulation in the exterior walls.

For the interior, they have opted for a European-style finishing, adding a superbly modern touch. And nature has taken care of the surrounding landscape, with lush trees and mountainous views ensuring an ever-pleasant view, regardless of where on the property you find yourself. 

Let’s take a closer look…

Good privacy

At first glance, it would appear we are looking at two buildings right next to each other. Not so; in fact, this is one house, appearing to be sliced neatly in half, with the two slices placed next to each other. 

No windows on the street-side of the house ensure decent privacy for the residents, and that lush green garden (where both flowers and vegetables are grown) provides ample hiding places for those wishing to be in close proximity to nature, not people. However, this house (and garden) provides generous socialising spots for friends and family as well, as we’ll shortly see.

A slim entrance

A wooden deck is placed before our feet as we enter the main facade. The garden is to our right as the wooden stairs lead us up onto the outside patio, where outdoor tables and chairs serve as exterior dining or socialising zones. 

That comfortable wooden colour is a terrific reminder of the lush vegetation growing all around this house, and contrasts quite deliciously with the lighter timber on the ceiling, as well as the (predominantly) white walls of this entrance area. 

Contemporary lighting throws some attractive illumination our way, ensuring nobody stumbles on their way inside.

View from the garden

Viewing the house from the garden presents us with the brick and white concrete structures side by side. The brick ensures a busy, yet charming exterior, while the white concrete part takes care of the clean, calming effect exuding from the house. 

The garden conveys a romantic atmosphere, ideal for hosting an intimate picnic with a loved one. At the same time, it also serves as a prime get-together spot for friends wishing to laugh out loud while sharing crazy stories.  

While we’re in such a lush setting, we may as well scope out these: Charming Ideas For Your Small Garden.

Wide and welcoming

And now we retreat to the inside, where a European-style living room greets us. This area faces south, and ensures a sunny environment full of bright, natural light. 

The large windows and high ceiling makes us feel as if we’ve entered the private residence of an old aristocrat in Europe, not a family home in South Korea. That stunning ceiling, which shows off a decent portion of wood panelling, makes for a sufficiently spacious room, aided by the white hues that so effectively resonate with the sunlight.  

With this neutral palette, more freedom is gained when it comes to choosing decor and furnishing for the room. Whether the owners decide to go for a warm autumn hue, or a cool aquatic vibe, their choices are sure to be successful.

Comfortable cooking

The kitchen is neatly tucked into the corner of the living room, making for a spacious open plan area that is suited to cooking and lively conversation. And some adequate space is even left over for a dining table with a few chairs. 

The counters have been finished with a white wood panelling, while an elegant marble in a tanned brown colour was chosen for the countertops. Stainless steel appliances complete the contemporary furnishing in this Scandinavian-style kitchen. 

Glass-panelled cabinet doors effectively echo the look of that fabulous interior door on the right, leading off into the rest of the house.

Down the hall

A warm wooden floor strikingly contrasts with the pristine white walls, and leads us down a corridor to the rest of the rooms. Notice the built-in bookcase in a light timber for an effective piece of decor. 

Cleverly, no other decor pieces have been selected here, making this slim hallway seem more spacious and inviting. 

A hallway is so much more than a mere walk from point A to B – see our selection of ideas for decor and furnishings when it comes to your corridor, hallway and stairs.

A pleasant ambience

Night descends, and the romantic garden comes to life, seemingly transformed into a fairytale setting. Stepping stones beckon us to explore the lush greenery further, while bright spots of exterior lighting create a lively ambience. 

And no need to search for more colour, as a decent selection of vibrant flowers and potted plants ensure a friendly palette is an ever-present guest.  

The wooden terrace is certain to host numerous social jamborees for friends and family, with adequate surface for dining guests, as well as more than enough space for the dancing ones. 

And with that delightful backdrop of brick, wide windows, and flourishing garden, who could refuse such an invitation?

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