5 space-saving tips for a small bedroom

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5 space-saving tips for a small bedroom

Katherine Rañeses Katherine Rañeses
 in stile  di My Italian Living
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We're all about practical living here at homify.ph, no matter how big or small your space is! We show the most personality in our bedrooms, and it can be tough to create a big impact in such a small space, without making it look even smaller. Here are 5 space-saving tips for a small bedroom:

Keep it minimal

Camera da letto in stile  di My Italian Living
My Italian Living

'Tulip' Quilted bed by Confort Line

My Italian Living

When working with a tiny bedroom, less is definitely more. Keep the bedroom color neutral and bright to open up the space. Same goes with the furnishings – stay away from dark colors and loud patterns and stick to light and natural wood finishes instead.

High curtains

If you have a nice view of the garden or a skyline, create the illusion of bigger windows and more space by playing around with curtain length. Position the curtain rods much higher than the window frame and pick a solid shade for the drapes to keep the eye looking up, framing your small bedroom beautifully. It also makes for quite the sight to wake up to every morning. 

Floor lamps > table lamps

When working with a tiny space, lighting is an essential part of making a room look much more spacious than it actually is. Ditch the dainty table lamps and go with a floor lamp that also works as an accent piece, much like what they did with this modern studio apartment in London. Not only will it light up the entire room, and not just a portion of the space, but it also adds character to the small space as well

Leave small windows bare

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If your bedroom window is on the small side, nix the curtains and let as much of the sunlight in as possible. If you can frame it with a desk, it doubles as a wonderful working space. All you need is a laptop, a notebook, and a Nespresso machine within arm's reach.

Smart hiding places

Camera da letto in stile  di Loaf

Eton Mess ottoman


We all have stuff that we can't seem to let go of, but would add to the clutter of a small room. Stash those bits and bobs away with smart hiding places like an ottoman or pull out drawers underneath the bed. The bedroom should look serene and relaxing, so everything from extra bedsheets to old clothes that don't fit in the closet that you just refuse to give away (for when, you know, you go back to that 24-inch waistline) can get tossed in there, with more room to spare.

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