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10 kitchens to delight your inner chef

Leigh Leigh
Cucina moderna di Asenne Arquitetura Moderno
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In the past, kitchens were usually separated from the rest of the living space in houses because they were smoky and sometimes reserved for just the help.

Kitchens these days are integrated into the home. In fact, it is no longer a space that is segregated. The kitchen now communicates with the other rooms and is more compact, modern and stylish.

Today, a well-planned kitchen is a must-have, with every available space utilized to the maximum.

Today at homify, we deliver 10 gorgeous kitchens that are a delight to cook in. Each features built-in ovens that are essential if you want to save space.

1. Modern kitchen

The focal point of this kitchen addition is a 12' long custom-built reclaimed wood island that was conceived both as a work surface and a dining table for large gatherings. A custom metal sash window wall takes advantage of the southern exposure and the additional ceiling height bathes the space in natural light.The refined modern design by Toronto-based Studio Z combines thoughtful touches of vintage character with practical everyday elements that reflect the owner's lifestyle.

2. An attempt to emulate the traditional

We are very accustomed to stoves that have spaces for pots and pans on top and an oven underneath. In the planned kitchen, however, these two elements can be separated.

As we can see in this design by professionals B+R Architecture, a cook top placed above the built-in oven creates a traditional yet stylish look and feel. You'll create a wonderful balance between tradition and modernity.

3. Wood makes itself present

Casa R Cucina moderna di Architrek Moderno

In some homes, especially those with a rustic look and feel, wood isn't installed near the stove for safety reasons. But with a modern built-in oven, the precaution is no longer need. Thus you can use wood as much as possible for a gorgeous design.

4. Built-in oven on top or bottom?

We all have a classic memory of our mothers or grandmothers stooping down to take a delicious batch of cookies or bread out of the oven. But why is the oven always below?

In this kitchen, we can see how the oven has been installed at waist-height, making for a much more convenient design.

5. An interesting Tetris game

While the possibilities of a built-in oven are endless, we mustn't forget that it is part of the kitchen so it must work in harmony with the other elements. 

Don't you love how in this design, it forms an interesting game of volumes and shapes with the other elements? It's like a game of Tetris!

6. The rustic and the modern

Although a built-in oven is a modern feature, it can still be used in a more rustic environment, as we can see in this design.

The wood, with all of its rustic treatments, contrasts beautifully with the chrome of the oven and the refrigerator. The grey lead floor also works in harmony with the built-in oven, creating a beautiful overall composition.

7. A new era or a meeting of the two?

The establishment of the built-in oven is an excellent element for the planned kitchen, but does that mean that the old stoves with space for pans and ovens are obsolete? 

In this design, we can see that this is not the case. In fact, a built-in oven can still be traditional.

8. Insulation in a planned kitchen

One thing that comes up as a question when it comes to a planned kitchen is how close the oven is to the refrigerator. 

The great trick in these situations is the insulation installed in the kitchen. Without this insulation, the heat could reach the refrigerator and cause it to gain heat, resulting in damage. This is what we want to avoid!

9. Integrated environments

In certain kitchens, especially those who are integrated into the dining room, there is a greater demand for food. If we have a larger family than most or are used to entertaining lots of friends and family, we need to be able to produce as much food as possible and bring it to the dining room quickly and conveniently.

This is why an integrated environment like this one works as well as more than one oven!

10. Paintings hanging in the kitchen

Last but not least, don't forget the aesthetic qualities of the kitchen. As we can see in the image above, a built-in oven can bring a beautiful quality to the space, especially when paired with artwork or other decor items.

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