A livable loft with an intriguing history

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A livable loft with an intriguing history

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Cucina in stile  di Linebox Studio, Minimalista
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This newly transformed loft is part industrial, part minimalist. Industrial because this property used to be a demolished and condemned drug lab. The character of a former industrial space is still visible. However, the owner saw an architecture potential and turned in into a minimalist loft. Let's take a look.


The facade of this property is as intriguing as its history. From the asymmetrical roof to the various shapes and texture that stands before you, there is definitely something exciting that lies ahead.


The play of colors from the railing of the stairs to the lamp leading to the hallway is a preview on the uniqueness in character of this loft. 


The open staircase suggests openness in space with light and air passing through.

Door and Windows

Do yo want to make a small space sleek? Go for tall and narrow door and windows.

Living room

It's easy to forget how small the space is with the huge sliding door that gives you a view of the garden. The bold choice of color for the couch and lounge chair gives the living room plenty of personality.

Writer's corner

We love the idea of the floating table to this charming space. That lamp is quite convenient, too!


To break the monotony, add some depth and color with shelves like this.


How cool is this fold out sink? This retro style sink can collapse, and the top can be lowered down to form a convenient counter space.

Hide-away bed (closed)

If the desk can float and the sink can collapse, what do you think can the bed do?

Hide-away bed (open)

Tada! What looked like a checkered cabinet was a folding bed in disguise. Seems like this entire house took minimalism to the dot.

House 1: Camera da letto in stile  di Opera s.r.l., Rurale

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