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A great villa with a deceptive facade

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Case moderne di Kabaz Moderno
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As soon as you see the exterior of this incredible home, you will make certain assumptions about the interior – but we are willing to bet that you get it as wrong as we did! Designed by an architect that really understood how to blend modern building techniques with heritage looks, this charming cottage has all the appeal of a chocolate box home, but with little of the ongoing maintenance and the hits just keep on coming, as it's the interior that is such a shock! We won't ruin the surprise by giving it away just yet, so let's take a look at this beautiful property and see what awaits us behind the door!

Pretty as a picture!

Wow! Did we travel back in time to ye olde England? No, this house just encapsulates the traditional aesthetics of a village home perfectly! With a thatched roof, black cladding and unusual shape, this home really does look like something from a history book, but you can see modern touches too, such as the energy efficient windows, gorgeous lighting and perfect driveway!

From the back.

Well this home just got even more amazing, if that's possible, thanks to the addition of a garden annexe that has also been finished with a thatched roof and black cladding! We dread to think how expensive it is to hire a thatcher, but the impact of this exterior makes it worth it, without a shadow of a doubt! Beautifully lit and set in stunning surroundings, this house just keeps getting better!

A little touch of modernity.

Oooh, would you just look at this lovely dining terrace! It might not be a traditional addition, but it doesn't detract for the lovely exterior here at all, in fact, it adds to it! Smooth slabs form a perfectly level surface, while the house itself serves up super crisp lines and contemporary alcoves that are to die for. Just look at the thatch edge!

Now that's a shock!

Were you expecting a wood stove, slouchy, vintage seating and chintz everywhere? SO WERE WE! We certainly weren't prepared for a really sharp and contemporary interior design scheme, as that really doesn't compute, given the exterior, but surprises aside, this room looks great. Calm, cosy and timeless, it has mastered the art of blending neutrals and feels very relaxing.

Well there is a fire…

We were expecting a cast iron stove to be in the living room here, but instead, this ultra contemporary fire has been commissioned and what an impact it makes! Set into the integrated television stand, it is really unusual, but works in the space, given how modern everything else is. What a mix of shapes!

The command centre.

If you thought tat maybe a country style kitchen would be in place to add a little more of a rustic flavour, think again! This kitchen is as modern as the living room and really makes no bones about it! Simple cabinets and a chunky polished concrete worktop keep the room cool and functional, but that inset wall fire helps to warm things up a bit! Just look at the task lighting too; it looks like something from The Matrix! Wow!

Pared back living.

Ok, so here is where the more rustic motifs have been hiding, in this charming sitting room that also has a small home office set-up in place! Pale parquet flooring looks amazing and a sumptuous velvet sofa and animal hide rug add some luxe, cosy motifs, but you can't ever relax too much in this home, as modern splices are always around the corner! The low-hanging chandelier, for example and a bright red book table keep you on your toes, even in here!

Luxury on tap.

We love an all-out opulent bathroom and this one has shot straight to the top of our wish list! A huge shower (just look at the shower head!), mottled mosaic tiles, inset wall shelving and a long, luxurious bath are all just calling out to us to enjoy some personal pampering. The huge trough sink is a work of art too and means more than one person can actually use the space at any given time!

Treat yourself.

If we weren't already totally sold on this incredible triumph of a home, we would be now that we see a steam room and sauna in place! Happily denoted by beautiful lighting and wall coverings, these spaces signify what a labour of love the house itself was. Designed to cater to every need, wish and whim, it hasn't disappointed at all and we can only imagine how much joy the owners experience, living here!

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