The 5 things that attract burglars

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The 5 things that attract burglars

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 The issue of home safety and security draws particular attention around the holiday season; however, the risk of burglary is ever present throughout the year.  Furthermore, our homes may be more susceptible than we might think.

 Never fear, to ensure you don’t come back from a holiday or prolonged stay away to find a nasty surprise, today we’re through five basic errors that can make your home more prone to burglary.

1. Giving the impression of an empty home

 When you’re away for an extended period of time don’t switch off all the lights and pull all the blinds down, as this is a clear sign to burglars on the prowl that nobody’s home. Perhaps even more importantly, don’t let mail visibly build up as that’s a sure sign that the home’s vacant. If necessary, ask a friend or neighbour if they can collect the mail on your behalf.

2. Not purchasing a motion detector system or burglary alarm  

 Only a few of us have installed motion sensors in the garden or a burglar alarm in the house, and we should, as they could significantly reduce the risk of burglary.

3. Improperly secured doors and windows

 Securing doors and windows is the most important thing we can do for the safety of our homes - this includes all the doors and windows. It is important to check whether the doors are closed in the cellar, pantry, balcony or other less frequently used areas. Furthermore, it’s important to have locks that cannot be opened from the inside without a key, particularly if there’s a nearby window an intruder could break and reach through.

4. No contact with neighbours

 Building upon point number three, having good relationships with your neighbors is important, not only for your social life and your community, but because it guarantees that your house will be taken care of during your absence.  Before leaving you can ask the neighbours to occasionally check the security of your home, and collect mail on your behalf.

5. Allow burglars to window shop

 Too conspicuous a house with extravagant elements adorning its façade, or even worse, valuable objects on display through the windows broadcasts to burglars that your home would be a good target. Keep antiques, jewelry and valuable electronics away from the windows and out of sight.

 Read on for further information about how to secure your home against burglary.

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