8 fabulous houses you won't believe are under 75sqm!

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8 fabulous houses you won't believe are under 75sqm!

Leigh Leigh
Case moderne di モリモトアトリエ / morimoto atelier Moderno
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While there are many times in life that size does matter, when it comes to architecture, this is simply not the case.

If you're a fan of homify, you'll know how many gorgeous, fabulous and multi-functional homes exist in the world. You'll also know that when it comes to architecture by top professionals, dynamite often comes in small packages.

This is why we are delighted to bring you eight fabulous houses today that you won't believe are under 75 square metres. Not only will these prove to you that sometimes it's all about quality over quantity, but they will also inspire you when it comes to your own home design. 

The only question left to be asked is which home is your favourite!

1. The modern twist on a traditional design

This home features a traditional grey gable roof with white walls. However, the designers have added some gorgeous wooden finishes to the look and feel of the exterior, bringing a modern and contemporary touch to the classic look. This distracts from the size of the home!

Don't you love the separate garage, where cars can be stored neatly away?

2. Escape from the city

We all love the idea of escaping into a log cabin for the weekend with nothing but a good book. This home is a wonderful example of how much can be achieved with a simple material: wood. 

This rustic home also works in harmony with the surrounds.

3. Innovative architecture at its best

Vipp Shelter Spazi commerciali in stile industrial di Vipp Industrial

Vipp Shelter


This design, by VIPP, is a fabulous example of innovative architecture. With large glass windows throughout, the home takes on a very modern cube shape while maintaining a constant connection to the nature that surrounds the home.

4. Extending to the outdoors

This architecture shows how important it is to make use of outdoor spaces, especially when the house is small. Utilise a terrace, where you can create a whole new living space!

5. A little bit of character and charm

When it comes to a small home, you can afford to add some real character and charm to the design. A bright door or window frames can really bring some vibrancy to the design.

Do you see how contemporary and rustic work hand in hand in this type of architecture?

6. Vertical planes

If you don't have space for a large home, go up! This design makes the most of vertical planes, resulting in a double-storey home that is a real head-turner.

7. The modular home

If you want to grow your home over time, invest in a modular home that you can add extensions to as you go along. The great thing about this is that you have a lot more flexibility in terms of where it is positioned.

8. The wooden prefab

This tiny prefab is where we end off our tour, because it truly shows that dynamite comes in small packages. The different wooden tones and textures makes for a very aesthetically appealing design, while the size is of no consequence. This is a multi-functional home with beautiful surrounds!

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House 1 Camera da letto rurale di Opera s.r.l. Rurale

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