7 playful ways to personalize your living room

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7 playful ways to personalize your living room

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
 in stile  di Robin Design, Moderno
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Time and time again we find ourselves turning to the living room for inspiration. It’s the room of the house that gets the most love. Remember having a tough day at work? Maybe you came home to sit on your couch and everything felt fine again? That’s the restorative power of a living room!

Whether you’re chilling out or partying it up, the living room should flaunt your personality. We have a list of 7 playful and fun ways to bring your style to the living room and leave your mark on your home design. Why look like everyone else?

1. Freshen up the cushions

 in stile  di NEST, Eclettico

Our first tip is an effortless way to add a personal touch to your living room. Freshen up the look with new cushions. It’s expensive to replace your sofa. It's easy to invest in a couple new cushions. It can change the look of the entire room by bringing fresh colours, textures, and patterns. Plus, cushions make a room more cozy and inviting for everyone!

2. Customize your lighting

 in stile  di Montes & Clark, Moderno
Montes & Clark

Colourful Mexican lampshades by Montes & Clark

Montes & Clark

These lamps are all colourful and will bring a lively pop of colour to the living room! Don’t rely on the basic lighting in your home. Layer the living room with different lights to create an ambiance that’s all you. The right lighting can show off your romantic, adventurous, or playful side.

3. Mix matched

Take a look at the coffee tables that are similar in style with radically different shapes. It’s this kind of mix matched playfulness that makes a living room feel personalized and homey. It’s easy to layer and combine tables like this to give your living room a sense of dynamism. Plus, no one else will have combined them the way you have! We love living rooms with a sense of individuality.

4. Curtains

Window treatments have an impact on the energy in your living room. Whether you opt for natural fabrics in neutral tones or a radically bold colour scheme, they are an easy way to bring in your personality. We love curtains because they go a long way to creating an atmosphere for a room.

You can connect with interior decorators and designers on homify today! Start a project together to bring your personality into your home.

5. Accessorize with textiles and texture

Decorate your living room with your favourite decor pieces that reflect who you are. Love the outdoors? Have a landscape print, potted plants, and wood accents in your home. These decor items remind us of someone who loves nature and is fascinated with the desert. What will guests learn about you through your decor? Accessorize with pieces that speak to you and let the living room speak for you.

6. Statement piece furniture

 in stile  di Stouby, Moderno

Frost – FurnID


Having a furniture piece in your home to act as a statement piece can help show off your personality in a room. Imagine a traditional chinoiserie table or an abstract chair like in this photo. The kind of furniture pieces you love can tell others about who you are. We love unusual and eye catching pieces in the living room!

7. Bookcases

 in stile  di homify, Moderno Bambù Verde

When I visit someone’s home, I am draw to their bookshelves. I delight to see their books because their reading list is telling of their beliefs and personalities. With this in mind, carefully curate the bookshelves in your living room. Prominently display your  treasured titles and spark a conversation with guests.

We hope you enjoyed our list of playful ways to bring your personality to your living room! For more home inspiration, check out our feature on nine daring decor ideas for your living room.

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