11 inspiring ideas to make your garden bloom

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11 inspiring ideas to make your garden bloom

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Verde pungente Giardino in stile mediterraneo di Au dehors Studio. Architettura del Paesaggio Mediterraneo
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The garden is a refreshing space that we all crave for. Yet, in many homes, many home owners are guilty of only paying attention to the indoors and completely ignoring the outdoors. Therefore, it is imperative to take a look at both the indoors and the outdoors in equal measure so as to make a real and wholesome style statement. Take a look at these 12 inspiring images to create your very own green patch.

1. A terraced patch.

giardini a terrazza in Costa Azzurra Giardino in stile mediterraneo di italiagiardini Mediterraneo

giardini a terrazza in Costa Azzurra


Turn a corner of your driveway or a spot near the porch into a terraced space that will be easy to maintain. Let it sit next to the driveway and plant plenty of flowers for some colorful appeal as guests come calling! ITALIAGIARDINI, a company dealing in garden and landscape supplies is responsible for this stunning creation.

2. Create a pond.

There is nothing more soothing than a pond, like this lotus one with the shade of bamboos and other hardy trees nearby. So create one today for a cool and calming effect.

3. Single pot gardens.

Giardino in stile mediterraneo di homify Mediterraneo

Use one pot for clusters of two or three different kinds of flowers and plants. This will create an interesting look and help you play around with colors as well.

4. Natural green rugs.

Create a natural rug by letting the lawn and the patio meet. 

5. Go dry.

If you want something that will be easy to maintain, then the best way to go it is to install a rock bed with plenty of rocks and pebbles as well as succulents that are more likely to withstand all weather conditions.

6. Artistic corner.

La Nuova Fioreria Giardino in stile mediterraneo di lanuovafioreria Mediterraneo

La Nuova Fioreria


Take a corner of your plot and do it up with colorful plants as well as mulch and tiles, so that you have a simple yet artistic garden that will draw compliments!

7. Mini monuments.

Make your fence larger than life with these kinds of brick mini monuments. Play with windows and tiles so that you get a chic European look.

8. Use minimalism.

Use minimalism to your advantage by creating a terrace garden with rocks, tiles and planters placed at various heights for a truly fresh impact.

9. Narrow space? No problem.

Make a narrow space work wonders by installing a spiral like layered garden. Do it up with grass, succulents, and flowers.

10. Mix and match.

Giardino in stile mediterraneo di homify Mediterraneo

This miniature park is a true delight with its elements of rocks, tiles, pebbles and colorful leaves and flowers. The wall next to it adds to the ambiance. And these parks are all about the mix and match. 

11. Privacy.

Create a private sitting area with benches like this which will fit right into any nook or corner. Ensure that there is a tall wall nearby or layer with planters so that privacy is maintained.

For more ideas, see another story - 6 vibrant gardens for your driveway.

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