22 things you shouldn't have in your bathroom if you’re over 30

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22 things you shouldn't have in your bathroom if you’re over 30

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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Congratulations on being an adult; on having your own place to live, earning an income, and being in charge of your own life choices. Neat, isn’t it?

However, part of being an adult also means having responsibilities, like paying taxes and being in charge of your own interior design. Yes, now you get to decide what colour your curtains must be, what rug to place in your living room, and whether or not to buy that smoothie maker for your kitchen. These decisions, and more, need to be made if you want to come off as a well-functioning and style-conscious adult. But no need losing sleep over this, as we at homify have your back every step of the way.

Thus, on that note, let’s take a look at 22 elements to remove from your bathroom if you now classify yourself as a mature adult – or are over 30 years of age, whichever comes first!

1. Immature wall art, like posters. Rather opt for something elegant and classy.

2. Dust – as an adult, you have a responsibility to keep your home neat and clean.

3. Fake plants – if you don’t want to opt for real, fresh potted plants, then rather don’t have any at all.

4. A plastic chair. If you do have space for one, opt for a wooden/metal stool. Although we don’t recommend an upholstered chair for a damp space, it does fancy the bathroom up, don’t you think? Only opt for this if your bathroom is well-ventilated.

5. A torn/mismatched shower curtain. There are sooo many beautiful options out there!

6. Clashing textiles – let your window treatment, towels, and bath mats complement each other.

7. A broken mirror – that’s seven years of bad luck!

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Baker & Baker

En-Suite Vanity

Baker & Baker

8. An empty liquid-soap container. What are you going to use to wash your hands with?

9. While you’re at it, add some hand cream too – it’s always a nice touch.

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Walls and Floors Ltd

White Metro 20x10 Tiles

Walls and Floors Ltd

10. A full dustbin. Make sure you empty it regularly to avoid a dirty look and smell.

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The Market Design & Build

Could you do with a second bathroom?

The Market Design & Build

11. Make-up and make-up brushes, as the humidity causes it to spoil.

12. A grimy tub or shower floor; as you’re a mature adult now, it’s time to start living like one.

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Collezione 2012


13. Dampness. A bathroom fan is a must, especially if a window or skylight is not an option.

14. Hideous lighting – getting older means you need all the flattering lighting you can get, especially when looking in the mirror first thing in the morning!

15. Insufficient storage spaces.

16. Plumbing mistakes – being an adult means taking care of household problems, or phoning up a professional to help.

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Take a look at our vast range of professionals (from interior decorators and plumbers to gardeners and bathroom designers) here on homify.

17. A slippery floor. Allow a stylish slip-resistant mat to save you from that broken hip.

18. Bad odours. Let air fresheners, scented candles, fresh flowers and bowl cleaners fight this battle for you.

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Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark

Drummonds Bathrooms

19. Mould. Decent ventilation and regular cleaning are sure to fix this issue.

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​render fotorealistico box doccia


20. Cracked floor/wall tiles. It looks neglected and as if you can’t manage your home’s interior style at all.

Melograno - Ornamenta: Bagno in stile  di Ceramiche Addeo, Moderno
Ceramiche Addeo

Melograno – Ornamenta

Ceramiche Addeo

21. Bare windows. Even something as simple as wooden blinds can make a huge difference to your bathroom’s look.

22. Inadequate necessities, like toilet paper or air freshener – don’t subject your guests to such horror!

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