22 photos of a stunning modern home

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22 photos of a stunning modern home

April Kennedy April Kennedy
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Does your modern home need a little more oomph? Perhaps it could use a bit more colour, spice or just that special combination of tone and furnishings. If so, you've come to the right place! Here at homify we have loads of inspiring modern interiors. Today we present 22 photos of one particularly dazzling modern home to have caught our eye.

Some of the living areas are quite large, but there are plenty of little corner zones that could easily be translated to a smaller home. Those with large homes will find lots of ideas on how to arrange the furniture in a big space, too.

One final word, if you fall in love with a whole bunch of these interior shots, don't forget that the essence of a modern home is simplicity. Professional interior designers and decorators always choose extremely carefully and seek to keep the lines of sight in a modern home clean and uninterrupted. Enjoy!

1. A kitchen with rustic industrial chic

2. Neutral base colour and warm accent colours to enliven the space

3. Stunning wall illumination

4. Retro wallpaper and handmade blankets

5. Living zones separated with different floor treatments

6. Slick clean lines, mirrored cabinets and open spaces

7. High storage cabinets and a sofa to separate the living area

8. Ethnic artworks and earthy materials

9. Textured light with recessed light fittings, spotlights and pendant lights

10. A smoky wall mirror to double the space

11. A metallic wallpaper to enliven the walls

12. The bedroom designed light a luxurious hotel suite

13. A large rug to expand the sense of space

14. Smart comfortable modern furniture and decorative pieces from yesteryear

15. Bringing nature inside the home with glass walls and green interiors

16. Bold geometric contrasts

17. Stone walls and green hues for a modern urban garden

18. Vertical space with bold power

19. Wall storage with a combination of different shelves for display purposes

20. Artwork to reflect the modern theme

21. Large bold lights to create focus

22. To finish, a small winery in the living room(!)

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House 1: Camera da letto in stile  di Opera s.r.l.

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