A prefabricated wooden house that costs 30% less to build

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A prefabricated wooden house that costs 30% less to build

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 in stile  di CASA & CAMPO - Casas pré-fabricadas em madeiras, Rustico
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This house boasts a footprint of 1938 ft², consists of two wings with a two-story section fashioned from natural wood, has an outdoor pool  – and it all cost 30% less than the same design carpentered and constructed on site. This is the functional, cost-effective beauty of prefabricated architecture and this example shows that prefab design doesn't mean concrete and fiberboard. 

Located in the southeastern Brazilian municipality of Carmo do Cajuru and put together by home builders Casa & Campo, this home evokes a country ranch, blends into its leafy background, and catches the sun and stunning views from the expansive front deck. Let's take a tour. 

Wooden wings of desire.

The western wing is clad almost exclusively in using prefabricated wooden exterior paneling, fashioned off-site, transported to the property, and assembled in place. You'd never guess that this economical construction technique was behind the build of the rustic exterior of the house. In the end, and with the oversight of the right professionals, prefabrication simply means a significant saving in total constriction costs. 

Semi-urban treehouse.

The approach to the house brings you close to the two-story blockhouse that forms the backbone of the home. A gently sloping driveway leads down to a covered carport and front door. Just look at the detailing on the first and second floors – the different grains and tones of the timber combine with an unusual asymmetric approach to window design, all set in a series of gridded panels with wooden trim, for a creative look and feel that is equal parts fantasy tree-house, the stilted houses you can find in the Amazon basin, and rustic Japanese architecture. 

Serious elevation.

This photo brings the entire structure into view, showing how the house makes the most of the hillside to give the huge front deck and pool a little privacy, and how the two wings of the house create the perfect sun-trap. Another approach to the house, on the right, has guests step up from the street to the eastern wing or the deck. 

A polished interior.

The inside of the home contrasts the warm wooden exterior with a clean, modern sensibility, although the playful use of patterned tiling makes this kitchen and breakfast bar far form stark. Reminding the inhabitants that their home is wrapped in beautiful wood, the windows and doors bring a little of that red-brown timber indoors. 

A place in the sun.

The apron at the front of the house unfolds into a sizable deck with a pool set in the center, and this strip of wooden decking towards the front, scattered with plenty of sun loungers and a matching set of chairs gathered around a table. The use of wood in this rustic design is perfect to capture and imitate the sunsets of Brazil. 

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House 1: Camera da letto in stile  di Opera s.r.l., Rurale

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