The Perfectly Plush Family Apartment

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The Perfectly Plush Family Apartment

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Stanza dei bambini in stile  di Traço Magenta - Design de Interiores,
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This apartment is adorable and soft in each and every space. The highlight of interior designers Traco Magenta's sweet design is the nursery, outfitted with soft pastel comfort. Those without kids might prefer the heavenly master bedroom, a plush and serene space. 

Sophisticated Living Room

This is the perfect space to host movie night in. It's sophisticated but has plenty of plush cushions and pillows. The carpet looks thick and matches the champagne tones used throughout the space. 

Dining Room

The blue accent colour we saw in the living room has hit center-stage in this space. The chairs look very comfortable, but still elegant, especially against the glass dining table. The light fixtures are a perfect compliment to the overall space. They're a little whimsical, but still sophisticated. 

Teen Bedroom

This bedroom is ideal for an older kid. It's very bright, the photo wall is highly personalized, the futon makes the most of the limited space, and the office area is distraction-free. 

Carpet Detail

You might be wondering, where the softness in the teen room? Here it is, in the lovely thick carpet. It has a very unusual pattern, perfect for teens who are seeking a space that feels as unique as they are. You can find more kid bedroom ideas, for any age, in our gallery


Here is the delicate nursery, full of soft furniture and toys. In particular, we love the round white carpet and the round pink seat. The tepee is a clever idea, like a built in blanket fort for the children to play in. Then there's the lovely round yellow light fixture. It looks fluffy! What a nice touch. 

Master Bedroom

Of course, mom and dad need a soft space to relax in too! Again, there's a great balance between whimsy and sophistication here. The faux fur blanket and the white sheets look sophisticated, but the pink pattern on the pillows and bench is whimsical and bright! 

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House 1: Camera da letto in stile  di Opera s.r.l.,

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