8 brilliant shelving and storage tricks for your bathroom

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Make the most of your bathroom space with good bathroom storage. The bathroom will be clutter-free, blissfully organised and easy to use. But how can you do that when your bathroom is full of lots of narrow, hard to reach spaces? Well, no one option works for every bathroom. So it really helps to look at lots of bathroom storage ideas and consider the shape of the room. Try to customise as much as possible so your storage shelves or cabinets continue the lines in the room and make things look as uncluttered as possible. It's always good to have a combination of closed and open shelves too. Looking for inspiration? Come with us to check out 8 shelving and storage ideas for your bathroom. There are lots of bathroom ideas here that should get you thinking about the decorative potential of your bathroom storage, too…

1. Use that space above the toilet

The space above the toilet is often left unused and neglected in many bathrooms. But it's become a popular trend to add high wall cabinets, also called bathroom étagère. This bathroom also has some beautifully custom-fit narrow shelves.

2. Create space with a top-mounted sink

Top-mounted sinks are increasingly popular. They also tend to create a more streamlined look in the bathroom and free up a little more space in the base cabinets.

3. Easy access baskets

Good bathrooms are clutter free. So a couple of big hold-all baskets can be used to hide the inevitable collection of tiny tubes and bottles that plague many a bathroom.

4. Corner shelves

The corners of a room are often the most neglected storage spaces. Wooden corner shelves are a good choice for a bathroom because they are a neutral accompaniment to white walls and add natural warmth to the room.

5. Towel racks mounted on the sink

Towel racks don't necessarily need to take up wall space. Perhaps they could be stored on simple racks mounted under the vanity?

6. Combined vanity and storage unit

Built-in units really make the most of those hard to reach corners in the room. Consider extending the vanity cabinet like this. Melamine cabinets like this create a streamlined clean look and provide a lot of closed storage space.

7. Big built-in white corner cabinet

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Polygon arch&des


Polygon arch&des

There are a lot of storage options to love in this bathroom. The open shelves are easy to use and the large closed storage cabinet makes the most of the height in the room. This kind of storage design makes the bathroom look far less cluttered than it might with a collection of little free-standing units.

8. Simple basket to accentuate the theme

Bathrooms are often best kept simple. So the few items you do have on display should contribute to the theme. An old-fashioned big wicker basket is classic old standby option for very good reason.

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