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14 Sliding Doors to save space in your home

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With space increasingly becoming a premium in modern homes and apartments, it is becoming necessary to embrace space-saving designs. Sliding doors in this regard, are life-savers. They don’t waste the floor area and can be easily incorporated for the interiors as well as exteriors of the house. From simple and minimalistic to elegant and elaborate, sliding doors come in various styles to help you separate spaces with ease. Though glass is usually the most often used material for these doors, wood and iron can also be used for a unique touch. So check out these 14 fabulous designs of sliding doors, to use your space optimally.

1. Visual integration

The dining and kitchen areas in this expansive house have been tastefully separated with the help of sleek glass doors in minimalistic black metal frames. They allow your vision to roam from one space to another in an unhindered manner, causing a sense of openness.

2. For a stunning view

These massive and clear glass sliding doors not only help in bringing sunlight inside, but also entertain with a gorgeous view of nature.

3. Merging the indoor and outdoor

These stylish sliding doors visually merge the garden and interiors when closed, and actually integrate them when open.

4. Translucent and gorgeous

The translucent glass doors you see here feature ornate patterns for aesthetic appeal. They not only separate spaces and ensure privacy, but also enhance the home’s decor. Credit goes to the interior architects at 4Plus5.

5. Add dreamy drapes

To add privacy to transparent sliding doors, or to control the amount of sun coming in, use stylish blinds.

6. A hint of iron

Simple iron grilles and a wooden frame can add class to sliding glass doors, besides offering more security.

7. Match the room’s style

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We love how these frosted glass doors with elegant frames match the creamy environment and beige seating in this room. Tall and trendy lights on either side add glamour to the doors.

8. Wood and stained glass

The combination of wood and beautifully stained glass can be stunning as these doors show. Pretty and bright patterns unite with the richness of wood for a look that inspires.

9. Hang those doors!

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Do away with frames. Simply hang translucent glass sheets from support rods to create partitions inside your house. Delicate engraving on the doors can look attractive too.

10. Sturdy and black

The black and strong frames of these doors go well with the white walls and stone cladding, resulting in an elegant yet simple look.

11. Unique interior garden

Sliding glass doors help in creating a special nook for this unique corner courtyard in the bedroom. Leave them open when you want your bedroom to look bigger, or bring in some fresh air.

12. Separate or merge with ease

These sharp black and glass sliding doors separate the kitchen and dining when privacy is required, but open up easily to make the interiors look more airy.

13. Fresh air for the kitchen

Transparent sliding doors for the kitchen are a great idea, especially if they lead to a courtyard or garden. This way, your kitchen will always stay well-ventilated and free from odours.

14. For the sake of privacy

Translucent sliding glass doors are perfect when you want to merge spaces during the day, and separate them for privacy at night. Here, they easily cut off the bedroom from the living space whenever required.

So start saving space at home today, and install stylish sliding doors for both aesthetic pleasure and convenience. Check out another interesting story - Modern Houses: 10 ideas that will transform your entrance hall.

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