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The Ultimate Contemporary Wooden Home

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
INT2architecture Casa prefabbricata Legno Marrone
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This understated residential creation by a team of Russian interior architects called INT2ARCHITECTURE is creative, modern and an excellent use of a wooden design that makes an elegant, rustic and inviting home space with minimalist charm, yet with all the contemporary functions that city dwellers are so used to. The home makes use of space adequately both indoors and outdoors, while maintaining a stylish façade.

The neutral use of colour and structural style may be modified to suit the needs of the client or even family that are hoping to make this beautiful example of a home a permanent one for them. The building may work as either an actual home or even a weekend getaway space in the woods. The attractive and simple use of materials is definitely a new take on communing with nature!

Front exterior view

This home has an understated charm with its neutral natural use of exposed wooden façade, darker roof and matching terrace and outdoor furniture, set by the swimming pool, which makes for a convenient way to enjoy the hot summer sun or an evening of relaxation while waiting for the sunset. 

The large windows allow for transparency into the one-storey home, allowing for natural light to enter into the home, warming the living space on the inside too. The terrace is built in the same natural wooden colour as the structure and has included an excellent undercover storage area outside to for fire wood while remaining shielded from the elements. 

Added to the structure is a garage or undercover car park area that makes use of a generous use of space, but is uncluttered and a simple use of clean lines. The façade therefore seems clean and well thought out in its planning and execution.

Back façade

The geometric use of simple lines here allows for this home to maintain a modern and minimalist design. It's an uncomplicated natural use of colour, which blends in well with it's surroundings. The entire look and feel has a cabin in the woods kind of appeal to it. 

This new take in communing with nature is different and less primitive than camping in the woods, while remaining picturesque in its incorporation of the outside with the inside. The wonderful use of natural elements in the structural composition of this home certainly allows it to blend both worlds comfortably.

The home away from home in the woods makes for a fun family getaway, with enough to keep everyone busy and no one getting bored of doing nothing. Living in a modern log cabin in the woods has never been so much fun for anyone.

Living exposed

The living room area has a complete minimalist use of style and design with functional and neutral colours furniture colours incorporated into the room. The low hanging light fixture here provides an intimate and homely atmosphere, yet it has an artistic feel to it. The inclusion of a comfortable rug into the room adds more of a domestic ambience.

The natural light exposure makes for a warm, inviting and cosy living room feel, while allowing for the transparency with the outdoors. Appreciation of nature and its beauty has never been this comfortable and stylish. With enough windows and doors to allow light in from all angles, allowing for the outdoor splendour to be fully acknowledged.

The neutral exposed use of wood throughout this living space is charming and exudes hospitality. The translation in the same colour being utilised for the floors and the shelves makes the room have a sort of synergy throughout each and every corner.

Modified exterior

This exceptional designer home can be modified to exhibit and demonstrate the needs of the owner in a practical and functional manner. In this example we see a double storey version of this adaptable country living home with more amenities included in its design.

The addition of an upstairs living area sees a balcony wonderfully integrated into the design, providing a fresh air relaxation spot in the top area of the home too. While the downstairs terrace can be enjoyed during rainy weather as well, the balcony has become an undercover area for the outdoor recreational area!

The inclusion of a number of skylights throughout the home here allows for natural light to hit the indoors from all angles as well, making the upstairs comfortably warm during the harsh colder season. This is a perfect example of how adaptable this type of home really is. Who wouldn't want to live in country splendour like this?

Modified interior

Just like the outdoors is customisable to the needs of the owner, so too is the possibilities for the indoors versatile enough to suit any taste, style or desire. The natural wooden floors still has that cabin in the woods appeal, with shelves and TV incorporated into the design.

This indoor style of decor sees a flat roof option due to the added upstairs area, while the walls are not the natural exposed wood colour and it has a bit more of a modern edge, with the lighter use of colour on the walls and the minimalist yet comfortable furniture. 

The kitchen has a basic all white minimalist look to it, while the appliances have been carefully hidden in the wall, allowing the kitchen to be a small space that makes way for an eating area too. The low handing lights above the counter allow for an intimate family dinner space, necessary in family getaways or a daily planned time together.

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