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How to build a spa bathroom on a tight budget

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One of the most sough-after interior design concepts (besides a beautiful and large modern-equipped kitchen) is a spa-like bathroom. It seems that people not only like to eat, but they like to make time for relaxing too. The problem is that with materials that tend to be used in bathroom and plumbing around every corner, bathrooms can be expensive an ad even formidable to design and renovate. 

We've given you some ideas below to convince you that this is not true. There are plenty of options available to the average homeowner that will allow you to create a spa-like bathroom, worthy of Sunday relaxation sessions and late-night pampering time.

1. Add metallic tiles

For a bathroom where wetness, humidity and molds will be of concern, it's of the utmost importance to use materials that can handle such environments while maintaining a sense of hygiene. Tiles are perfect for this role – however, that doesn't mean you should go and pick any old tiles. Metallic tiles with a great, glittery sheen are a quick way to add a luxurious touch to your bathroom. Not only are they just as affordable as most regular tiles, but you can buy them in larger sheets, making the installation easier than ever!

2. Forget the bathtub and add a walk-in shower

As wonderful as baths are, most of us never find the time to actually use them as often as they're worth. So, with that being said, there's no sense in purchasing an elaborate hot tub just to create the look of a spa. Function is always important too – as well as getting your money's worth.

We suggest if this is your case, skip the tub all together – remove it. A walk-in shower is sleek, efficient and aesthetically-pleasing. It can also allow you to gather more leg room in smaller bathrooms and continue with great flooring like seen here.

3. Add a single skylight

Bathrooms can sometimes be dark and neglected spaces, and if you're in a situation where you have a bathroom with no source of natural light, it's important that you consider ways to gain some sunlight. Not only will this help the ventilation and humidity of the room, but in the long run this will also add equity and higher value to your home. If your bathroom is not on the top floor of your home, then skip this idea and simply attempt to add a single window!

Either hire local professionals, or if the project is not too large, consider purchasing a skylight kit which gives you all the tools and materials necessary to add an average-sized skylight. These kits are great because they give you everything you need to safely secure the window in order to avoid mould and leaks.

Tip: In order to spread the light from the skylight around the rest of the bathroom, add a large-scale mirror opposite the skylight like seen here.

4. Accessories and details

Take a serious look at your bathroom. Do you have a decent foundation to start with? Great white walls, floor tiles, exposed brick, or even newer, modern fixtures? If so, then don't waste any time or money purchasing new! Simply stick to adding great accessories and details to really bring your spa bathroom to life. This bathroom has simply added a metallic claw foot tub, a vintage chandelier and a great towel warmer and it already gives off the vibes of a grea Sunday spa day!

5. White paint and candles

For those of you looking for the cheapest and most extravent gift to create a spa-like bathroom, look no further than the colour white. A bucket of paint and matching white, chic candles will get you far when redesigning your bathroom. Take a look at this incredibly rustic and modern bathroom. The addition of white with the timber beams and white candles gives a sense of relaxation that quite possible no other colour could.

6. Stick with faux finishes for a polished final look

Spas all have one thing in common: Luxury. High-end appliances, light fixtures, waterfall shower heads and quality materials that add texture and bring everything together. This bathroom has everything from raw stone, great wood, tiles and modern shower equipment that make it a fantastic room to unwind in at the end of the day. 

If these are the types of finishes and materials you're seeking, but you're worried about your budget- fear not! Most companies and designers now offer faux-veneers and overlays that give the look a real stone, brick or marble – yet for a fraction of the cost! Consider these options to keep your budget just as lovely as your new bathroom.

Spa bathrooms are so often overlooked and under appreciated for the pure joy they can bring into your life – what's even better is that you can design a spa bathroom in any odd spaces of your home – even an attic.

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