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The staircase doesn't just connect the lower and upper levels of your home; it's often the first thing people notice on walking through the front door, and so it's also responsible for first impressions. Not only that, but the staircase is the perfect feature to modernise your home and try out a design that is a bit more daring. Romantic spiral staircases have been given a contemporary twist with bright colours and recycled metals, and the traditional vertical stairways have been introduced to glass panels and platforms, and now even seem to be floating on air. 

The staircase brings all the elements of your home together, but don't feel restricted by the design in your other rooms. Just because you've opted for something 'safer' in the kitchen shouldn't stop you with experimenting with some more outlandish designs in the hall. Take a look at these examples for some inspiration and take the first step towards transforming your staircase.

Wooden staircase

If floating stairs on a raised platform isn't modern enough for you, you could always invest in your very own bronze giraffe. This design really takes things to the next level and doesn't hold back when it comes to the aesthetics in this hall, with large windows and spotlights on the ceiling working with the open-plan layout to create a light, contemporary space. The staircase has been treated as a valuable part of the home, rather than neglected as merely a functional and necessary element of the property.

Modern spiral staircase

Techne Fontanot Ingresso, Corridoio & ScaleScale



This red staircase stands out in a sea of stylish monochrome. The brightness of the primary colour against the stark black and white interiors creates an animated, 'Sin City' feel to this modern home. The minimalistic use of materials, evident in the thin railings and tapered steps, creates a sleek outline that works almost like an optical illusion.

Modern take on a classic

Barn conversion staircase 4211 Bisca Staircases Ingresso, Corridoio & Scale in stile classico
Bisca Staircases

Barn conversion staircase 4211

Bisca Staircases

If you're not ready to say goodbye to a classic staircase just yet, but still want something suitable for a contemporary home, make a compromise with a corner staircase and ultra thin banisters . With a lick of white paint, everything is instantly fresher, newer, and on trend. 

Black and green staircase

AIRA Rintal Ingresso, Corridoio & ScaleScale

This mint green and black design is edgy and smart, but the shiny black steps are balanced out by the simple white walls which keep the room from looking too dark or Gothic. The sharp zig-zag steps and green border make us think these stairs could well have been designed too look like a hungry crocodile – can you see the resemblance?

Glass staircase

This floating glass staircase with glass façade is spectacular. It really opens up the space as you can see right up to the top floor with nothing distorting your line of vision. No doubt this staircase is a sturdy as any other modern design, but we'd be tempted to keep our tread light when climbing these stairs.

Graduated staircase

These graduated wooden stairs are great if you want your modern style with a touch of nature. Ideal for an oriental themed hallway or something more traditional, the stairway still looks contemporary as it follows the floating stair design that we've seen before, and also incorporates a glass panel.

For ideas on how to decorate your hallway take a look at this ideabook. If you haven't had enough of modern staircase designs, check out these inspiring staircases.

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