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13 fabulous home entrance ideas for small houses

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Small homes come with their own set of challenges, but designing a stylish entrance is definitely not one of them! A well-designed entrance is the architectural equivalent of a first impression – of the house but also of the owner. A blend of good design, sustainable materials and the right colours is all you need to create an entrance with a wow-factor, no matter what the size of the house is. 

Today we'll take a look at 13 stunning entrances that pack a serious punch. They are a wonderful source of inspiration and go to show how small changes can lead to big improvements. If you're looking to redo your entryway or if you simply want to see what an impact a good entrance can have, join us on our stroll!

1. Lattices and colour scheme

Playing with colours right at the entrance – especially with a smaller house – can help create depth and add a dynamic character without spilling over into excesses. 

Here, the decidedly sober colour combo of the blue and the white rear frame with the metal lattices works like a charm. It also provides enough privacy while ensuring that the interiors get tons of natural lighting. Come nightfall, and we can see the warmth inside through those lattices creating a mesmerising look. 

(A green wall also makes for a great entrance)

2. A large wooden door with a modern garden

A good mix and match of materials can help the entryway of a small house stand out from the rest of the buildings around it. Here we see the braiding of concrete, wood and even plants thrown in for good measure that all come together to correspond with the overall size and design scheme of the house. The end result is a stunning modern facade with tons of personality. 

Zoom out: the sensational facade in full display!

3. A Japanese-style entrance with warm lighting

4. A small porch next to a slatted entrance

At first glance, the combination of materials, colours and architectural elements at the entrance of this house seem simple but hold a wonderful aesthetic richness. The entry here is divided into two parts: there's a lattice that allows the free flow of light and air while being topped by wooden beams giving it a rather dramatic look; and there's a large white that adds a textural element with natural stone. This is further accentuated with a minimalist garden that adds both colour and organic appeal. 

5. A stone-clad focus wall adds sharp contrast to the white facade!

A flagstone wall adjacent to the wooden door underlines the simple beauty of this small white home that has been built on two volumes. Thanks to the use of clean, straight lines, the composition of this design is perfect (especially when available square metres is limited) imparting both elegance and modernity. 

The windows in varying sizes and the wooden lattice on the upper block subtly break the monotony.

6. A wooden door and stone-clad walls are perfect for a rustic look

A closer look at the fantastic entrance!

7. A minimalist garden, tiled floors and a wrought-iron pergola – simple but stunning!

This surreal structure is a sight to behold but in actuality, simple materials have been elevated here. The facade plays with both textures and colours and you can see the influence of various styles, traditions and cultures here. It consists of a single asymmetric volume of neutral colours that give it a warm and welcoming look. The metal pergola only serves to add to the charming appeal of this house. 

8. A vibrant door elevates a concrete facade

9. Charming and traditional

Case classiche di YUSO Classico

The colours and materials used at the entrance set the tone for the style and personality that will define your home. In this picture, we see natural materials like brick adding a cosy texture to the house while the burst of yellow blends with it perfectly to enhance the organic feel of the design. 

The hallway leading up to the wooden entry door has been clad in ceramic tiles, accompanied by potted plants in different sizes, giving it a special charm.  

11. Playing with slopes and tonalities

12. Neutral and natural

Grey might seem like a counter-productive option when it comes to designing an entrance, but combined with other elements it can have a stunning impact. The facade seen here is a great example. The designers have played with different tints of grey creating a depth that makes the entrance stand out. The strategically-placed plants add a dramatic flair. 

13. An entrance with a wooden pathway and tropical inspiration

Inspired by these lovely homes? Us too! Here are some more tips to give you ideas: 10 things every small family home needs

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