7 unique homes in seriously strange places

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7 unique homes in seriously strange places

April Kennedy April Kennedy
Mirrors Gastronomia in stile moderno di bandesign Moderno
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Homes in awkward spaces, narrow plots of land and totally out-there locations often have the most jaw-dropping designs. This doesn't mean unusually-shaped homes are any easier to design. Countless architects and home-builders have definitely anguished about an awkward plot of land or difficult natural feature. But the truth is that, as with all arts, architectural limitations can have a powerful effect on ones creativity. Not convinced? Well, check out these 7 stunning homes in awkward locations. Some will have you questioning the physics of gravity while others might just fuel your design in unusual ways. Enjoy!

1. A home for living on the edge

Cliff House by Modscape Concept external di Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd
Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd

Cliff House by Modscape Concept external

Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd

This five-level modular home clings to the side of a cliff. The architects Modscape were said to be inspired by the sight of barnacles clinging to the side of a ship. The designers shied away from the concept of conquering the site with a cliff-top design. Instead, they sought to work around the natural locale.

2. The tiny triangular home

This home in Tokyo was built on a plot with an acute angle in a dead-end street! It's just 55sqm and marks the point where a road and a river meet. It comes to us courtesy of Mizuishi Architects and has won a bunch of awards.

3. The awesome corner block

Secret Garden Case moderne di bandesign Moderno

Secret Garden


This amazing home has a secret garden. Although the plot has regular proportions, it has a river on one side and a busy street on the other. The area receives a lot of foot traffic and the owners wanted a private garden. Check out the results!

4. A cliffside paradise

This cliffside location looks like a dream site at first glance and the results are nothing short of spectacular. But from an engineering point of view it presented a huge challenge. The architects conceived a multilevel residence and worked to fit it snugly into the natural form of the rock.

5. The narrowest home on the block

The architects have embraced the shape of this narrow building site. They have narrowed it down even further by designing two narrow volumes. One has been shifted back a few metres to create space for side windows.

6. The wedge home

This is definitely one of the more awkward building locations we've seen. The home has been whittled down in size to create space for a very private courtyard. This gives this home a huge amount of privacy and light. These two crucial elements would have been lost with a wall-to-wall design.

7. A corner home with a difference

Mirrors Gastronomia in stile moderno di bandesign Moderno



Corner block homes conventionally have two street frontages that are often regarded with some anguish. But here, the architects have chosen to increase the number of street frontages even further! This multi-volume residence has great little triangular front gardens as well!

Many of the homes we presented today are the work of Asian designers. For more inspiration check out 9 amazing Asian interior ideas to copy.

House 1 Camera da letto rurale di Opera s.r.l. Rurale

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