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An edgy Indian house

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Trendy expressions and edgy designs meet and create magic in this home designed to perfection by the team of designers at Bonito Designs Bangalore. Mr. Jithendra’s villa is a spacious and fashionable affair in sober and neutral hues, and is replete with gorgeous false ceilings, brilliant light installations, and intriguing patterns and textures on the furnishing, walls and even doors. Simple, sleek, and functional designs in each room have reached stylish heights, owing to customised decorative accents. So come and explore the hidden yet expressive beauties of this modern and elegant abode more closely.

Undulating Beauty in the Living Space

The main hall or the living area of the home features an undulating structure as the ceiling that plays peek-a-boo with the senses. It is like an asymmetrical arch that connects the various areas of this room, while lighting dots the underbelly of this arch and creates a welcoming glow. The tall dark TV panel at one end houses backlit fibre glass sheets depicting an ornate stencil – a glamorous touch to the space. The lower half of this wooden panel holds the television, while a low slung entertainment centre sits in the centre. The drapes of the double height space here mirror the panel stencil with a golden hue of their own. White marble on the floor holds the entire design together for an elegant finish.

Brilliant Lighting

One of the seating nooks of this home is on the mezzanine floor, and it sits nestled right next to the patterned glass balustrade that is also a part of the staircase. This area stands out, thanks to a concoction of razor sharp shapes that line the false ceiling to create avenues from where lighting can escape and flood the area with a heady glow. Below, you will find trendy and comfortable leather couches which contrast the grey-tinged flooring perfectly.

Pretty Pattern Play

The entrance to the dining room and many such areas scattered throughout the home have been done up with unique pattern plays. The door here for instance, flaunts a stencil pattern in white that covers the entire glass surface, while the dark wood polish of the door frame offers the perfect contrast. Meanwhile, the pretty wallpaper next to it lets the beige and gold hues shine through.

Contemporary Kitchen

The kitchen of the home is a contemporary space with glossy white finishes and dark wooden cabinetry. Smooth white surfaces for the breakfast nook on the island and pretty lamps overhead, along with the glass and white cabinets on top make this space a winner all the way!

Ascending and Descending in Style

The staircase winds sensuously right next to a vivid art installation in patterned stone and lighting on one wall, as you go up and down the chrome and glass portal to heaven.

A Warm and Cosy Bedroom

The earthy and gleaming feature wall behind the bed is the focal point of this cosy bedroom. Lined with some dainty but strong and utilitarian shelves, this wall beautifully complements the traditional bed which comes with a subtly floral headboard. The false ceiling with its layered look and creative lighting adds the modern edge to this space.

With visually arresting patterns, textures, lighting, and artistic touches, this house celebrates all the boons of urban living with a strong aesthetic spirit. Take another tour for more inspiration - A Traditional and Artistic Home in Gujarat.

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