12 simple steps to an organised kitchen

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12 simple steps to an organised kitchen

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Kitchens have to be one of the easiest areas to mess up, create chaos in and generally accumulate clutter. However, they can also be one of the most satisfying areas to reorganise and tidy! Cooking spaces of all shapes and sizes rely heavily on an orderly and well-spruced aesthetic. If your kitchen is somewhat lacking in the hygiene and cleanliness stakes, we are here to help!

Today we’ll be tackling disorganisation by taking a gander at 12 clever ideas, which you can implement into your kitchen to kick-start you on the path to purity and domestic sanitation. Read on below to learn more, and disinfect, revamp, rearrange and reshuffle your cooking area with confidence and motivation!

1. Ensure everything has its place

One of the key aspects to kitchen organisation is ensuring everything has its own space. Forget squishing items into drawers, only to forget where you put them, once everything has a place, you will find your room far cleaner and easier to navigate.

2. When you don’t have enough cupboard space

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Longboard Cherry by chris+ruby


When you are lacking space and storage for your kitchen accoutrements, you should look at open shelving, as well as hanging racks. These are perfectly charming, add character, and improve your kitchen’s capacity for accessories.

3. Hide those cables

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Lowerable power outlet strip in the kitchen island


Keep appliances off of the countertop, and install one of these handy cable accessories. This will keep your surfaces free from mess, while offering a sleek and chic aesthetic.

4. Don’t overcrowd drawers

Overcrowding drawers makes it impossible to find what you are looking for, and creates a messy ambience in your room. De-clutter, remove any inessentials, and donate anything you have two of!

5. Retrofit your cupboards

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Alaris London Ltd

Happiest when the skies are blue

Alaris London Ltd

Sick of reaching into the back of a dark cupboard to grab a saucepan? These days you can retrofit awkward cupboards with handy pull out shelving, and other nifty accessories. This will undoubtedly improve functionality as well as increase practicality.

6. Add drawer tidies

Drawer tidies are a wonderful invention that keeps piece of crockery, utensil and cooking appurtenance in its right place. Invest in these handy accessories, and your kitchen will improve tenfold.

7. Split your trash

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Urban Myth

Pull out waste bins

Urban Myth

Not only does splitting your rubbish increase awareness of wastage and household consumption, it’s great for the environment, and helps keep you organised.

8. Go magnetic

If you are lacking space to store items in cupboards, consider a magnet wall to stick your pots, pans, magnetic spice jars and other utensils.

9. Add lighting




Dark drawers and cupboards are a recipe for mess and disaster. Add lighting to your joinery and watch the space improve in both its functionality and usability.

10. Remove unnecessary items

Some things don’t actually need to be in the kitchen. If you have barware and other items for making drinks, consider freeing up some storage space and adding them to the living room where they can be stylishly displayed on a drinks wagon or trolley.

11. Containers, containers, containers…

Get rid of your old mismatched containers and invest in a good system of coordinating glassware. These resist pests, look fabulous, and ensure your kitchen is usable and accessible.

Need assistance with the overall plan and theme for your new kitchen? Chat to a professional via the homify website and get started straight away!

12. Employ a chalkboard wall

A chalkboard wall is a great way to keep everyone in your home organised, while removing the need for awkward bits and pieces of paper. Get creative, plan a DIY weekend, and start painting!

Do you think you’ll implement any of these ideas in your own kitchen? If you want to keep reading, check out: 9 creative design ideas for small kitchens

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