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Indian loves Bollywood and so does the world! From action to romance, comedy to thrillers, movies have become an intrinsic and important part of Indian Culture. However, their influence is not just limited to our thoughts and infatuations, but it has now moved beyond it. We are talking about home decors that are easier to follow and make us feel rich. 

Movies like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum or Wake up Sid! provided several of their viewers chic home decor goals that make a space look special yet authentic. However, taking cues from their real life, many of the famous Bollywood celebs have adopted grand, funky and classy decor styles. Read on to get inspired. 

While we are not asking you to replicate the entire theme of their home but bring you some quick decor ideas and insights how you can add bollywood tadka to your rooms without letting anyone know!

Shahrukh Khan's Home

Though it is hard to replicate as SRK's home is made to fit the king himself yet one cannot ignore his name when it comes to Bollywood, be it movies, his style, persona or even his home. SRK's home must be full of grandeur, royalty and happiness, just like his own persona. 

Hard to adopt and maintain, you can experiment with something like mentioned above. The designer has created a right balance in between the Gold and White.

Shilpa Shetty Style

This home depicts an extension of her vibrant and upbeat personality. Shilpa Shetty is known to have a clasy choice when it comes to home decors. Using the long couches decorated with colorful cushions, light pastel colored walls, modern art on the walls and some pop colors here and there, the home matches up to her standards. An emphasis has be put upon on adding silver color to her home and thus, overall it sums up to form the design, roughly!

Amitabh Bachchan

He is Shehenshah and is an idol for many. When we talk about the Amitabh Bachchan himself, we associate terms like tradition, vintage, and contemporary yet modern looks. His house interiors must be full of surprises. 

The picture above demonstrates an entire wall filled with pictures, antiques and everything that essences his genealogy. Spruce up your home with something like this design and hang small and large frames to replicate.

Deepika Padukone Style

A fusion of Western and Indian style, just like her, Deepika's home is a great choice as she herself has touched many hearts through her acting. She is known to keep things simple and mashed up.

If you are uncertain how to fuse in between these two cultures, take cues from this design.The modern background and traditional antiques add a WOW factor to the simple background. See how the white couch has been paired with antique metallic floor lamps or showpieces.

Salman Khan

Bhai's home is much like a suite that is simple and sweet. Simplicity and generosity runs through his veins and it must be showcased through the living area as well.  

Simple nude couch with a white glass table in between and further some racks and show pieces complete the look. Try adding your own style to it and you are done.

Suzanne Khan

She is a diva when it comes to home decors and she has it! It is said that Suzanne is in love with the glass and linen and uses them in almost all of her rooms. 

Following her style of decor, this house shows a particular style in a single room with ceramics, glass, and linen. The room looks gorgeous merely by the presence of light colors and white chandelier. 

Aamir Khan Style

A dreamer, a perfectionist and an experimenter, Aamir Khan is hard to beat at anything, including his home decor. This Indian actor is known to add Indian tradition everywhere he lives and has an eye for designer stuff.

Look at this home with ethnic Indian furniture and earthy tones. Furthermore, an excellent choice for lighting and smart decor has been infused withing that can pep up any space perfectly. 

Arjun Kapoor's Home

Not much on the designer side, Arjun Kapoor's home setting must have been ideal choice for the Bachelor's. This living room has a brick wall elaborated with some wooden racks that have been full of cassettes and books. A window nearby pulling in the natural light helps to create happy and carefree atmosphere. 

Gorgeous all of them, aren't they! Want to see some more unique home decors around the world? Head over here.

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