Food storage di friday project minimalista | homify

Time ago we use to give food a proper space.Then with the modern kitchen, we started to place everything together, organizing pasta and bread in the middle of plates and pots, and stacking the rest in the refrigerator. This furniture gives again a proper space to the food and organize it with an educational purpose.It is based on the principles of the food guide pyramid: it gives more space to what we should eat more, and less to other products.It's a way to bring in the house an educational system for our diet. It's an instrument to show the food we have at home, and to push people to combine it in an healthy way.There are appropriate spaces for cereals, pasta and bread, a drawer for the vegetables that need to be in the dark and a terracotta box to conserve products out of the refrigerator. And then space for eggs, for spices, for herbs to dry, for legumes… all organize with a specific order and logic.

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