Casa al gianicolo sala da pranzo moderna di na3 - studio di architettura moderno legno effetto legno | homify
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CASA AL GIANICOLO Sala da pranzo moderna di na3 - studio di architettura Moderno Legno Effetto legno
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CASA AL GIANICOLO Sala da pranzo moderna di na3 - studio di architettura Moderno Legno Effetto legno
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CASA AL GIANICOLO Sala da pranzo moderna di na3 - studio di architettura Moderno Legno Effetto legno

House with seven levels.
I believe that the embryonic stage of a project is something very intimate that a designer can often find it difficult to share, more so than during the operational stage. The sharing and comparison stage which are necessary and fundamental aspects come later on. After the first survey and the perception of this large area, I reflected on how it could be modified, taking into account the nature of the property and the demands of the client. My almost immediate reaction was to summarize the entire intervention (both project and executive phases) using some poetic statements by Giò Ponti, which became essential elements of reading for this Roman residence:


- the design of the flooring, with differentiated staves, scans the empty and full building volumes and becomes the main theme of the project. ( … walking on it is an adventure… and not just of a pedestrian kind *).


- top priority to light and the full height views (both internal – see the children’s playroom – and external).


- relating the world of a room through the architecture of the interiors; the kitchen and the loft area dedicated to the children’s playroom, two worlds compared, mirrored, viewed and reflected one within the other. The internal world of the children’s toys, seen on one side, world of adults on the other. (’The special entertainment of architecture*)


- A transparent glass ceiling to eliminate all visual restrictions, and look beyond, to see shadows reflected on the ceiling of the master bedroom ( … the ceiling is the cover of the room; it is its sky *).


- the stairway connecting the 4th and 7th level is in the middle of two walls, but detached from the same (’… the most beautiful stairway is the one which meanders between two walls. Enclosed. You can only see one flight at a time and you do not know where it will end. It may never finish. There can be dark steps and light walls’*).

The section study, performed before the floor-plan, was a vital phase to distribute the spaces on the different height levels imposed, in addition to the different functional requirements of the Client. The apartment, in fact, is characterized by the layout on seven different levels: six levels imposed by the existing building, whilst the seventh (the large loft) was created in the design phase. Approximately one third of the large apartment (approx 250 square meters) was allocated to the day area, living room and kitchen, with direct access and overlooking the private garden; the custom-built loft (in wood and iron), crosses the two environments length-ways, and the railing of the loft is the extension of the full and empty sections of the living area. The design of the flooring, which has huge differentiated slats to scan the volumes, projects them to the ground, reinforcing the sense of overspill between one level and another. The loft area is designed with a relaxation-reading area in the first section, it then turns into a children’s play area (accessed from the bedroom) a kitchen, shielded by the large transparent tempered glass wall. The kitchen and the children’s play area hence interact with each other, looking and being looked at. Both convivial and game theatre areas: the hob and the art of cooking on the one hand, the joy and inventive skills of a child on the other. In the evening, just like the theatre, the curtain falls (a curtain used to obscure the glass). The transparent tempered glass is used once again on the master bedroom en-suite bathroom ceiling, this time arranged horizontally; they make the space more functional, providing natural lighting and also serving as a flat-diaphragm, almost invisible and intangible, which can be used to reinvent the area from time to time, creating a play of shadows projected onto the ceiling of the bedroom which looks like a starry sky.

Colore: Bianco
Materiale: Legno
Crediti: Nicola Auciello Architettona3 - studio di architettura
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