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Wisp Architects

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Wisp Architects
Wisp Architects
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Wisp Architects is a multidisciplinary company focused on architecture and interior design, born in 2011 in Milan by the collaboration of the architects Pierluigi Di Giacomo and Tommaso Raffa.

Before founding the firm Wisp Architects, they both worked in different Italian and extra European companies. They met when they were both the same role as Head of Competitions Dep. for the same company in Milan, here they received numerous awards and mentions and decided to create their own firm.

Wisp engages in continuous research and development of innovative architectural and design ideas: from the creation of small private spaces to the composition of public spaces and large-scale projects.

Architectural quality, attention to the choice of materials, the relationship with the environment and attention to details are some of the themes that characterize unequivocally their business.

Over the years Wisp Architects was involved in the design of cafes, apartments, interior decoration, design of commercial spaces, residential projects and urban scale projects competitions, working for both private and public clients.

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Milan, Italy e Abroad
Via Mac Mahon 9
20155 Milan, Italy
+39-0236644641 www.wisp-a.com