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929MILANO is the brand born in 2014 that, starting from its name, honours the company that created it: Rossini Illuminazione, founded in Milan in 1929. 85 years of history and tradition of making light are behind this new challenge of RossiniGroup.

The brand, presented for the first time last year in Frankfurt at Light+Building and now at Euroluce 2015, unites craftsmanship and artistry of Venetian glassmakers to precious materials, technology and design, to give life to a collection of lighting fixtures entirely conceived and manufactured in Italy.

A brand that already has a rich catalogue that ranges from glass to fabric lamps, from models of essential lines to those having more traditional, important and sought after forms. Modern style combines with classical taste, the past with the future, tradition and innovation meet and blend harmoniously to accommodate every tendency, request and need.

The products presented by 929MILANO combine style and technological and functional research; using LED technology to ensure energy-saving high performance with low ecological impact.

929MILANO is history and technology. 929MILANO is design and tradition.

Via Kennedy, 5
20090 Segrate
+39-02216950 www.929milano.com

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