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Our team creates beautiful, harmonious and comfortable interiors. We fill them with character, warmth and coziness to reflect the personality and dreams of their owners. 

We start from the very beginning and see our clients through to the very last detail finding creative solutions to implement it as planned.   All team processes are honed to perfection, and each employee is responsible for a certain amount of work. We work through even the smallest detail in the construction of an interior, exploring new features and applying them to our projects. We regularly attend international exhibitions, such as iSaloni in Milan, to keep abreast of the latest trends in design and modern technology. We are constantly seeking to develop our skills by visiting various factories, seminars and master classes. We source all furniture, fixtures, wall and floor finishes, details, and etc. We manage and coordinate the contractors on-site and with regular site visits, and control the estimates. If you like our interiors, we guarantee that we will create you an interior that represents our characteristic designs and style.

Ул.Сурганова 61,
220100 Минск
+7-9150697733 lykasova.com
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