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We had created studioelt in September 2000, sharing  this special event, which becomes like this, thanks to the didactic experience in the architecture university  in Naples, where all of us have studied and worked as teachers for a long time.
The aim is to create a place where the architect profession lives as a ‘craft’ yet, the working place as a ‘laboratory’, the project as search and experiment. studioelt works on urban scale and interior design projects, accounting it in both cases as a cultural and mental approach more than a disciplinar specificy; on this side it considers  the architecture project as place where complex relation’s systems merge, looking for formal, functional and meaning balance. Many projects have been published on Casabella, Area, Abitare, Modulo and on some other architecture magazines. In 2006 our studio carries out the recovery project of Circumvesuviana stations in Boscoreale e Boscotrecase (Na). In 2010 the same projects received an honor mention for the regional premium INARCH 2010. In April 2013, with collaboration with Progetti integrati Territoriali s.p.a., we have created a team to support the winner project about the planning, the setting up and the running race for the Naples America’s cup village and its health campus. We have created services, as the village, for the big event Naples America’s cup on Naples seaside.

urban design, Interior Design e integrated design
Bacini di utenza
  • Naples
  • Salerno
  • Milan
  • l'aquila
  • Avellino
  • Caserta
In 2006 our studio carries out the recovery project of Circumvesuviana stations in Boscoreale e Boscotrecase (Naples)
Calata Trinità Maggiore n.53
80134 Naples

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