Nuovo Progetto

“Our aim is to bring forward personal projects and by developing our ideas we try to influence each other as much as possible. We are moving on in a cross way between art and design and the comparison is the core of our own project. Our works are close to reflect this dialogue, that’s why the choice of UNCUT: FULL, UNFILTERED.”

Five personalities co-working on a cross project among art and design. Ten are the hands that decided to gather up giving free vent to the creativity to put ourselves into the game and find a quality alternative to the usual work approach. The strength point is the continuing contamination between arts and several techniques. The project, out of any scheme, was brought to life and then took shape inside the laboratory/working place, would it rather be a painting or a piece of forniture. The products are entirely hand made and the productive process followed in first person, just like the used materials are the result of an accurate research, never meant to be ordinary. A consequence is the without borders design which translates into unique objects in their own meaning without miss the possibility of a product mass production. Uncut is not reaching a goal therefore but is able to satisfy several requests: from the interior design, piece of art, moving to the product design.

Bacini di utenza
Italy, World e Europe
P.zza Aspromonte 45
20131 Milano