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Mino Caggiula Architects is the result of a career path made of planning, designing, building, studying and theoretical research. A well-knit team formed by architects of different origins and studies that deals with the most varied projects, from designer objects to city planning.

Simplicity, elegance and attention to sustainability, context and territory are the key

elements in every single project by architect Mino Caggiula.

The main idea sprouts from the observation of the context, grows throughout the use of

countless maquettes and blooms during the execution phase. This is the transformation of the art form known as Architecture.

The experience acquired through the years was also enriched by collaborating with

theorists and architects such as Kenneth Frampton, Steven Holl and Elia

Zenghelis, who made it possible for the studio to enter the global market and

bridge the gap that often exists between Theory and built Architecture.


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