The Green H LLP

The Green H LLP

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The Green H LLP
The Green H LLP
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As architects and green professionals we take our commitment very responsibly.Through the briefing phase we test the client’s requirements to ensure they are properly thought through, then explore the financial feasibility with detailed cost analysis, and planning feasibility with early stage contact with the local authority planners and conservation officers. A common approach runs across every project, but the vision for each project is individual. We draw upon our extensive image bank, to collect together suitable precedents to reflect our client’s aspirations, rather than applying the same aesthetic across every project we undertake.Our design approach is tenacious, testing every parameter and permutation to reach the right solution to meet the brief. The design is tested through a variety of media and then critiqued in-house, to question our decisions and make sure nothing is missed. We are all about choice. Our extensive library and material bank has something to fit every budget.We are green architects and engineers with a wide range of building professional based in London and worldwide. Our innovative and pragmatical approach brings flexibility to our specifications and is focused on adding value. We employ the latest specification and CAD software to ensure our specifications include the latest standards, and our construction drawings are thorough and detailed, focused on pinning things down before they reach site.

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  • Roma
  • UK
  • New York City
  • Singapore
The Green H has been published on several magazines both nationally and internationally please check our website to be updated.
viale Tito Livio 131
00136 Roma

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