De Panache  – Interior Architects
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De Panache  – Interior Architects
De Panache - Interior Arch...
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We got our 4BHK villa done by De Panache team.I would recommend them strongly as the principal architect designs each of the project personally and I had lot of detailed design discussions with her team for material selection and drawings approval.I visited the site only twice during the entire execution as mostly I live in abroad.Everything was executed as per the 3D designs approved by me and I am happy with the way our house has come up.
da 12 mesi
Data del progetto: ottobre 2019
We got our 5BHK independent villa with Home theater designed and executed by them.I absolutely loved their approach towards understanding the taste and requirement of the client and translating them beautifully into a house of my dream.I think they designed and executed my home as per international standard and even after 3 years it still looks classy and ahead of time.We were happy with their service.
da 12 mesi
Data del progetto: luglio 2018
We are happy with their services.I loved the color palette used by them.We have been living in our home designed by them and we still love the creative design.
da 12 mesi
Data del progetto: febbraio 2018
I had my house interiors done by DePanache in 2016. Amongst many other designers in Bangalore, I chose DePanache because of their high end and niche collections and enriched experience. They have delivered what they have promised and I am quite happy since all our guests who visited our place have been surprised by the kind of finesse and aura we had inside our house.
da oltre un anno
Data del progetto: aprile 2016
Our apartment interiors was designed and executed by them.They took almost 6-7 months just for a 3BHK to design and execute which initially we felt was very long.But once we were involved in the whole process of designing and material selection along with Atreyee and her team we realized why they took so long.They get into lot of detailing and they take lot of pain to execute the same 3D designs.
da oltre un anno
Data del progetto: agosto 2019
I hired De Panache for my 3bhk apartment as i was very much impressed by their designs and quality conscious work. Its safe to say that after execution i was not at all disappointed by their work.
da oltre un anno
Data del progetto: febbraio 2019
Interiors offers is unbeatable. Not one of the best but the only best interior Brand in Bengaluru. If you are planning to move into a new home or planning to grooming up old-fashioned home, then trust me De Panache Interior team can be your best friend. Their services cover everything from design, to acquisition of materials, to implementing the designs on site. They have transformed hell number of residences, restaurants & offices into Beautifully styled, high utility spaces. I would highly recommend.
da circa 2 mesi
Either they are too busy or just too arrogant. Didn't callback despite promises of doing so. When I called for the 3rd time and asked for quote they said it will take 7 days when their competitors give it in a day or best case on the spot - who wants to wait for that long to get a quote when you are already giving tmyour detailed requirements? The quote has not arrived even after 15 days and the fact is I don't care now. If this is their attitude before starting the work, I can imagine what it will be after getting the money. I expected some level of professionalism after reading such positive reviews but my experience raise a question in their authenticity.
da 2 mesi
"We started searching for an interior designer and selected them for trustworthy nature. They were very transparent from the beginning and provided with detailed item-wise costing. On comparing them with other competitors we found their quote for the value of money and went ahead with them. The project finished in the timeline they mentioned and overall we have a positive impression towards them."
da 2 mesi
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