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At Vicara we aim for an innovative vision that sharesour clients initial concepts and start off with concepts that go beyond your initial ideas. 

Our team consists of creative and multidisciplinary people whose ideas can elevate your business to a new level of excellence. We are experienced in product development from concept to shelf, we can envision exhibition spacesand organize design related events, advise andresearch for new products and brands and are open to develop work on comission or special projects.We aim to provide a full service to our clients in the fieldof research, development and branding of productsand services. 

If you have a great product idea but lackthe tools to make it into a real thing, we can help you.Our work approach is a methodological one, where wealso intend to give our partners the freedom to check our work flow and the opportunity to have an open talk about their desires and ideas.

As a client, you are also part of the team

Les Décovertes Maison & Objet; Design & Design Awards; Menção honrosa POPs
R. Sá de Miranda,20-1ºA
2410-273 Leiria


Excelente! Grandes Profissionais! Preocupados com os detalhas e; Criativos; Qualidade Top; Design brutal
da circa 2 anni
Data del progetto: novembre 2016