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atria floor
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atria floor
atria floor
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In 1967 the Brothers Atria, who were already in construction, evaluate the appropriateness of entering into the production of: plaster, paints, coatings, enamels, varnishes and related services for the navy, for construction and industry. After about five years of technical tests and evaluation of the market, was first developed a business plan (1972), which was the starting point of what now is the current industry paint. The main factors that determine your success Colorificio Atria were, since then, the quality of the product, the right value for money and the ability to provide advice and service to professional users of products.

For the Colorificio Atria began as a gradual introduction into the market. The first experiences were those aimed at the agri-food sector, which in those years saw the beginning of its development. so began the production of nontoxic epoxy lining for food, the enamels and varnishes, including one that represents the anti-par excellence: the polyurethane. The skill, tenacity, sacrifice and respect for the work of the brothers Atria, from 1972 to today, has made it the Colorificio achieve a trend of steady growth, it has allowed, over the years, an investment planning in productive resources that can be summarized as follows: 1978 Industrial Plant technically organized in Partanna (TP) located on an area of approximately 30,000 sq.m.1983 Building department for automated curing resins (products of the basis for the production of color)1989 Strengthening and expansion of the laboratory for analysis and construction of a laboratory for test inspections and tests products1996 Construction computerized system for the production of glazes and coatings of all kinds. (one of the most technologically advanced plants in Italy)1997 ISO 9002 D.N.V.1999 ISO 140012002 Ecolabel certification (trademark for the line Econatura and Casanatura)2002 Reporting "innovation and friend of the environment in 2002" - Legambiente, Politecnico di Milano, Università Bocconi.2007 Design new line of products ATRIATHERMIKA (covering the areas: Construction and Petrochemical Industry), it is paint and varnish thermal insulating involving a reduction of temperature and energy savings.  Quality

Since 1972 the company of Atria brothers had the ability to plan for investments in productive resources to obtain better product quality, best value for money and utmost professional service to clients. This is why the company adopted in 1997, a quality system in accordance with ISO 9002 and in 1999 the first Italian company in the industry, an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 certified by DNV, an organization internationally accredited certification SINCERT Italy. During the year 2002 was reached the prestigious milestone ECOLABEL, certification label of the European Union, issued to companies that contribute to the reduction of water pollution, air pollution and waste. We are also extending the certification ISO 14000 seconds EMAS Regulation. Also in 1997 the company obtained the quality system certification NATO AQAP-120, issued by MM. In 1998 it is implemented a strategy of marketing one-to-one suitable to meet the needs of each customer, to provide appropriate advice to users and loyal customers.

The innovative line of environmentally friendly products is finally subjected to the control and certification of CISTAL University of Messina (Prot 2045), which guarantees the "absence" of resins and chemical and industrial solvents and heavy metals, dangerous for 'man and nature. The Colorificio Atria is one of the few companies that Sicily has managed to gain visibility on the market by focusing on research, technological innovation, product quality and the environment. Using that route business is certainly the result of foresight and the ability of business owners, who wanted to give their business a different image and a new location other than the competition, very often called on to answer the most difficult issues concerning the wholesomeness of the products and the environmental impact of manufacturing processes.

The Colorificio Atria is particularly attentive to the protection of health professionals and customers, knowing that growth and technological innovation must be accompanied by respect and the environment.

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C.da Camarro – Formeca Partanna (TP) Italy 91028 Sicily
C.Da Camarro – Formeca Partanna (Tp) Italy 91028 Sicily
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