culligan piscine

culligan piscine

culligan piscine
culligan piscine
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Culligan Piscine – Italian design and luxury in the world of swimming pools.

We, Culligan International, are one of the oldest and best-known water-treatmentcompanies in the world. We were set up in Chicago in 1936. Today we have branches inover 90 countries, and this helps to make us the world’s water expert. The Italian branch of Culligan opened in 1960 and this is where we created our first swimming pool. Learn more about the Culligan Piscine story.  Since that time, we have been creating the most beautiful, reliable and technologically advanced swimming pools in the world. ‘Piscine’ is the Italian word for swimming pool, and in Italy people associate our brand with the best in quality and style in the world of swimming pools. Many of Italy’s footballers and most famous celebrities have trusted us to create their private swimming pools, and our public swimming pools can be found throughout the country. This has led to us creating Culligan Piscine, our dedicated swimming pool brand. Why settle for an ordinary swimming pool when you can dive into a dream with a Culligan Piscine swimming pool? Call Culligan today and Dive into a Dream… Since our first pool in Italy all those years ago we have created beautiful swimming pools all over the world. With branches in over 90 countries, we are a truly global company and we are able to make your swimming pool dream a reality, no matter where you are. We create private, public, thermal, competition and water-park swimming pools, and swimming pools in clubs and hotels. Every pool we create has different characteristics, custom-designed for the client’s needs and wishes. But all our pools have one thing in common − wonderful water! We are proud to say we are the Total Swimming Pool Solution, we take pride in the fact that not only are we able to use our decades of experience to design beautiful state of the art swimming pool systems, but thanks to our manufacturing sites around the world we can make those designs a reality, and through our worldwide network of local CulliganPiscine teams we can install and maintain your Culligan Piscine swimming pool to the highest standards. Our experience and cutting-edge water-related technology offer you the swimming pool of your dreams, specially designed to satisfy your needs and budget. In your home we can create a swimming pool of reinforced concrete in the ground, with high-quality finishing touches and accessories. Or, if you would prefer something simpler and more practical, we can build one above the ground fromprefabricated panels (where the panels are assembled on-site to build the pool). You may decide to have an indoor swimming pool in your home so you can use it all year round and, if you have children, what better present could you give them than a small swimming pool? You will also be able to find the perfect water of Culligan swimming pools in spa centres, hotels, holiday villages and anywhere you can think of finding a swimming pool! We can design and create public swimming pools, by meticulously following hygiene and sanitation regulations and paying attention to every minor detail. We will also provide a broad choice of accessories to help your pool to run properly, including lighting accessories, cleaning accessories, whirlpool bath systems and an extensive range of water features. In short, anything which can make a swim or a relaxing moment in a swimming pool more enjoyable. These items are the beating heart which can transform a simple tank into a truly inviting swimming pool.

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  • Italia
  • International worldwide
Italian Pool Award 2014
Via Gandolfi 6
40057 – Cadriano di Granarolo Italia

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