roberto murgia architetto


Nuovo Progetto

We do not invent new forms, but re-CYCLE the existing ones, to dismantle and re-ASSEMBLE. We put the pieces together by changing the order and the rhythm, we re-MIX forms and re-INVENT new combinations. We carry on a soft revolution. We do not have to sell an image, we re-START from scratch each time. We re-WORK information, analyze and organize. We re-THINK the way the spaces are used, and re-FILL them with new meanings. The quality of life in a quality space. We built and re-BUILD respecting our habitat. We re-USE traditional materials with new technologies, we re-DISCOVER the old lessons in new. We re-FRESH the image of our desires. The new is the different mix of old and new ideas, held together by the re-DESIGN

Bacini di utenza
via luigi settembrini 26
20124 Milano