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Resign is a meta-project
The Resign meta-project think the design process is not anymore just a tool for production, but becomes a mean for the establishment of meaningful relations: "the sense of an object won't be observed from an aesthetic perspective, but will be found in its ability to function as a "creator" of dense relations, connotated by a high identity value" (Design 2.0 - Stefano Caggiano).

Thus, such a shift in the point of view leads us to use the concept of meta-projects. In this way of thinking, Resign is a methodology that intends to adopt a design-sustainable approach both from a social and an environmental points of view.

This methodology is mainly based on three principles that come from the logic of reflexivity:

The importance of channelling widespread creativity into meaning paths that can be easily shared.

The importance, in a sense of identity and symbolic capital, of the existence of a network of dense relationship.

The necessity of review the design methods looking towards sustainability, considering ex ante the umpteenth potential re-use of an object and its impact on the natural and social environment.

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