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“The inhabitants of Utopia prized gold and silver less than they prized iron; for without iron, fire and water life would be impossible. The same cannot be said of gold and silver which are only valuable in relation to their rarity, a concept invented by human folly”. So wrote Thomas More who, ironically, was condamned to death on the pretext of corruption, a silver chalice having been discovered among his household objects.

We belong to a long line of silversmiths and share the Socratic indifference shown by the inhabitants of Utopia towards precious metals. The rarity value of silver is alien to us. Born and brought up in the house above the workshop where there is a constant influx of that metal, where it arrives coarse and unrefined, to emerge transformed into the most extraordinary array of objects. Silver has to be deemed more than precious if it is to stir the imagination of a public sympathetic to Utopian philosophy.

We had to explore other ways of exciting interest in it and of arousing the desire to possess it. The awareness lead to the creation of collections such as “Bichierografia”, designed by the painter Giovanni Maggi in 1602, and to the items designed by the most talented contemporary artist and architects.Traditional silverware was reinvented in bright wooden containers satisfying the conscious and understandable desire for a theatrical revocation of the past.

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