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ascot ceramiche
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ascot ceramiche
ascot ceramiche
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For over thirty years a leader of the Italian ceramics industry and its history, Ascot has its headquarters, manufacturing plants and research laboratories in the heart of the Sassuolo’s Ceramic Tile Valley, the industrial world leader district in innovation, quality and style. Ascot specializes in research on natural materials, clays and minerals that exclusive technological processes turn into ceramic floor and wall tiles, interpreters of the new culture of living and dwelling.

Ascot collections pander to the numberless requirements of the building trade, architectural design and town planning and offer a full range of formats, color shades, accessories, special pieces and patterns inspired by the most classic tradition or resembling natural stone. Three different technologies guarantee that the material complies with the required performance parameters: the through-body dyed porcelain provides the outmost strength and can be used universally, the porcelain stoneware combines strength with an attractive finish while the Bitech® porcelain underscores the elegance and beauty of Italian style.

When it comes to the social and environmental issues that involve the ser- vices and products of all its business areas, the Ascot Group works with the combined efforts of all its facilities in the pursuit of sustainable management goals. Its manufacturing and marketing tasks are conducted in accordance with procedures able to guarantee the safety and health of its employees, contracted workers and customers at all times, as well as to protect the environment and ensure public safety. Most especially, the Ascot Group has always contributed, with its technological expertise and professional skills, towards the welfare and improvement of the quality of life of the community in which it works.

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Solignano di Castelvetro (Mo)
Via Croce, 80 41014
Solignano Di Castelvetro (Mo)
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