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DOKCLAB – Architecture/Design and Graphic Design
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DOKCLAB – Architecture/Design and Graphic Design
DOKCLAB - Architecture/Desi...
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DoKC Lab – District of Kadessa City Laboratory

In 2006, after working with various local firms, Massimiliano and Emanuele Ercolani Bros. decide to open a laboratory devoted to creativity. Architecture, design, graphic design, three-dimensional modelling, these are the main areas, but in our laboratory we create music, events, magazines, etc.. In all these areas we trying to trace the route with a precise goal: quality.

The study is currently in Civitavecchia (Rome), Via Aurelia Sud, near to the port “Riva di Traiano”, the work is done on all things to be seriously professional (from PCs to Watercolours).

Inside the laboratory circulating different realities, that intersect and cooperate with the various projects: . Cultural Association LOUD – Laboratory of Urban Development, through which events are being achieved in the world of culture, and artistic performances, but not limited to; .: INTERSTIZI: International Review, an international journal distributed in Italy (Roma, Bologna, Milano), in Barcelona and Maastricht, as well, with great pride, in the corner shop of the European Parliament in Brussels; . Radio Libre _ mystical ultra-DJ set consists of a duet Italian-Italian, with Mexican latin aftertaste; . Mis(S)Take _ trio of sensual voice, strong guitar and double-bass;

In all cases, in all areas, remains a basic thought, the mission: “create a NEW AREA OF SOCIAL EVENTS, developing quality projects, because we believe that good design can influence the space around the people and then his way of life. “

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Architecture/Design and Graphic Design
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