Artigo S.p.a.

Artigo S.p.a.

Artigo S.p.a.
Artigo S.p.a.
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Artigo S.p.A., established in 1961 by the Pirelli Group to produce rubber flooring for commercial and industrial applications, is heir to the outstanding heritage of the group founded in 1872 by Giovan Battista Pirelli.

Since 1992 Artigo S.p.A. has been part of a Swiss holding company, which has decided to invest in a very modern new factory in the province of Savona, opened in 1997.

In 2013 Artigo and the Mondofin Group, an international player in the field of commercial and sports applications of rubber founded in 1948, combined their know-how and their resources to be even stronger in the market, with a business unit dedicated to contract flooring that counts on three production facilities based in Italy (two) and Luxembourg with over 300 employees.

The coming together of these industrial cultures has produced a vast and diverse collection, with an exceptional number of different applications.

Artigo has consolidated its international vocation through two European branch offices, France and Spain, and its presence on major markets worldwide in more than 60 countries, operating through a network of distributors (commercial offices and showroom in Milan).

The strategy of the Company is aimed to reach the high end niche of architectural oriented flooring business.

In 2007 the Artigo range  was enriched with three outstanding products, created by the prestigious Sottsass Associati studio winning international design prizes such as the IF award, the Red Dot and the Good Design in Chicago for the Zero.4 flooring.

Kayar, a product made of rubber with coconut fibers has proved to be a major success among the  architect community and setting a new aesthetic standard in the business.

Artigo’s strong commitment to research has resulted in ongoing aesthetic, technical and qualitative improvements in its products, which today are positioned at the highest end of the market for functional, performance, and duration characteristics.

Artigo products are eco-sustainable, owing to the quality of their components: the best rubber, the natural charges and the colour pigments are selected among those substances with the lowest environmental impact, both in the manufacturing process and life cycle. Since September 2008 the company was granted the certification of conformity to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standard.

Kayar, Uni, Granito, Zeus, Grain have obtained the prestigious German eco-label Der Blaue Engel and American Greenguard Gold which certify products without harmful substances and with superior indoor air quality. Certified Environmental Product Declarations are also available on selected products. Artigo is partner of Green Building Council in Italy and offer products which are able to contribute to the achievement of the LEED and BREEAM credits.

Artigo’s competitive edge, gained through significant technological investments, has enabled a greater market penetration, allowing the company to sensibly grow in the past few years.

The partnership with Mondofin will bring the company to be one of the world leaders in the business and will allow to play a significant role in the resilient flooring market.

Via dei Tulipani
20090 Pieve Emanuele

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