Verdi Kitchens
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Verdi Kitchens
Verdi Kitchens
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Best kitchen supplier in south London we had the most amazing experience from the start of the design process right the way through to the installation the visuals on the design look exactly as the finished project. Installation was longer than planned but I was really happy with the end result. Thanks again Verdi.   
da 26 giorni
Data del progetto: febbraio 2021
LET ME WARN YOU !! Please people do your research on this company and don't fall prey to there flashy showroom like me and many others did. Verdi kitchens are not at all what they pretend to be. There are a number of facebook groups out there warning people about this company. They ran away with £16000 of my money and never did my kitchen , money was totally lost. I personally know ( from the groups another 27 people this has happened too . They also claim to be part of checkatrade and they are not and the positive reviews are done by friends of his. Please please do your research.
da 2 mesi
Data del progetto: febbraio 2020
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