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Maria Bruno Neo | Product Designer

Maria Bruno Neo | Product D…

Maria Bruno Neo | Product Designer
Maria Bruno Neo | Product D...
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Maria Bruno Néo was born in Lisbon,1985. She opened her big brown eyes and started observing the world around her to learn as much she could.
–Soon developed a critical thinking, and curiosity about the world and how things were done. That led her to read as much as she could, trying to build opinions on several matters. –She started travelling very young with her family, being exposed to several cultures and traditions very early. –Her father brought the interest in the creative areas while the rationality of sciences came from her mother. –This little bit of everything is brought in every project that she does, she tries to mix rationality with feelings and tradition, so the projects become part of people’s life.

product design
Bacini di utenza
Portugal, Europe e International
Honourable mention of “Being & Reflecting” category , International Competition of Art on Chairs. 2014 ( Paredes, Portugal); More Design . More Industry Grant of eight months design residency to work in furniture companies of Paredes region. 2012 (Paredes, Portugal); Front Row Society Challenge Art Gallery Opening Handbag design challenge over FRS website 2011 (Berlin, Germany); Inovart programme Schoolarship from the portuguese General-Directorate for the Arts to do an internship in a foreign country. 2009 (Lisbon, Portugal); The best case of the Entrepreneur Workshop workshop how to set up a company and all the concernings behind it, it worked in groups.. 2008 (Hertfordshire,UK); Merchadising contest for the shop of Gulbenkian Museum The bookmark is now produced and it is being sold. 2007 (Lisbon, Portugal)
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